Cats and humans have been enjoying each others company for thousands of years. Over 50 years ago, Julie Andrews listed kittens (or at least their whiskers) as one of her favorite things in the Sound of Music, but if the internet has any say on it, cats continue to be a worldwide favorite. While the ancient Egyptians created a cult of cats and even a cat-headed goddess Baset (not only the goddess of cats, but also joy, music, dance and love), modern worship tends to trend more toward Grumpy Cat, Keyboard Cat, and Maru.

Sarah celebrates our fabulous feline friends with a Jinhao x450 Black/Red featuring a Goulet EF Nib with Private Reserve Black Cherry. She quotes Nobel Prize winner Albert Schweitzer, a famous philosopher, theologian, and physician, who declared cats and music to be our refuge. His cat, Sizi, would reportedly fall asleep on his left arm, forcing him to write with his right hand. A small price to pay for a contented kitty.

If you are feeling the need for refuge, how about putting on your most loved music and spending some quality time with your favorite feline?

The Jinhao x450 Black/Red is available at for $9.90. Add on the
Goulet #6 Two-Tone Steel Nib EF for $15. Private Reserve Black Cherry is available in a 66ml bottle for $11 or in an ink sample for $.99.

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