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This week I have an extremely special guest joining me behind the desk! Brian and Andrea Gray of the Edison Pen Company have finally taken me up on my invite to come down and visit the Goulet HQ for the first time, so we themed this week’s Q&A for Edison pens. Brian and I go back for many years now and dig into all kinds of fun Goulet/Edison history. 

1) Miss Fountain Pen – Blog – (3:13)

Back on Dec 1, 2014, Brian of Edison posted on his blog that the Hudson was being discontinued, and added “”In the meantime, fear not…we plan on having a new pen model appear in the Production Line to replace it early in 2015.”” Is this new pen model still in the cards, or has he given up on it?
2) Calligraphy Nut – Blog – (6:33)
“For Goulet & Gray Q & A It would be interesting to hear both of your insights on the pen hobby/market and where you each see potential growth for your companies – like would Brian consider doing dip pens? I know you have mentioned a few thoughts on growth before – just would be interesting to hear.”
3) Tom J. – Blog – (15:24)
Ask Brian Gray what is his favorite fountain pen filling mechanism? 
4)  Tom J. – Blog  – (17:21)
Of Edison’s pneumatic, pump fill, and bulb fill fountain pens: can the sacs be replaced on any of them by the user, or do they have to be returned to Edison?”
5) Ryan G.-Facebook – (20:18)
“Is there a chance you might offer a production line pen in ebonite?  I have a Pearl in ebonite, and it’s *awesome.*  It would be great to see more high-quality pens readily available in ebonite.

6) Katherine B. – Facebook – (25:05)
Will Fireball be available at the DC penshow?

7) Eric B. Facebook – (27:10)
Will there ever be a true celluloid pen in the production line? How about a flex nib option?  And lastly…just for fun…how about an “end of day” color option?  In the pocket knife world, that’s when all of the leftover celluloids/plastics would get mixed together, and “unique” colors/patterns would be born.

8) @ForgivenVityaz – Twitter – (49:57)
Does Brian like Brian Or Brian thinks Brian is better than Brian? 
‏9) @pen_haul – Twitter – (53:15)
Who’s first handmade pen was better? Does Brian Gray still have his first pen?

‏10) @simonraulandrei – Twitter – (1:00:03)
Brian Gray, which fountain pen that Brian has (non Edison) is your favourite? Which ink? Why and why?
11) Aaron D. – Facebook – (1:04:35)
Will there be another Edison collaboration with Ernest Shin?
QOTW: If Brian Gray were to build you a free custom Edison pen, what options would you choose? – (1:15:05)
At the end of the video we mention the “Crank up the fart” video, be sure to check it out here, the famed noise happens at 3:28!

Thanks so much for spending time with me this week, I really appreciate it! Be sure to check here if there are any old Q&A’s that you missed. 

Write On,
Brian Goulet