From the North Star to the Star of David, humans have been looking to the heavens for navigation throughout the centuries. They’ve even entered our everyday vernacular- you can hitch your wagon to them, have them in your eyes, or even have your fate written in them. Despite knowing they are simply luminous spheres of plasma, a night sky filled with stars still inspires wonder and enchantment.
We’re over the moon for Sarah’s starry scene done with a TWSBI Vac 700 1.5mm stub and J. Herbin Poussière de Lune. Poussière de Lune translates to “moon dust” which sounds like the perfect match for a little star light.
Van Gogh said the stars made him dream. When was the last time you got lost in the night sky? Take some time tonight to see what dreams come your way!
J. Herbin Poussière de Lune is available in a 30ml bottle for $11 or a 2ml ink sample for $1.25. You can pick up a TWSBI Vac 700 for $65-$70 at

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