Jenni, our videographer, was the artist behind this week’s Monday Matchup. She chose to match a Platinum Carbon Desk Pen EF with Noodler’s Rome Burning. Rome Burning is a unique ink- it changes from a yellowish brown to purple when water is added. It proved a challenging project, as her initial inspiration for the piece didn’t work with the vellum sketch paper, pen and ink combination.

Inspired by the art work of Giulia Bernardelli, she started off the work trying to recreate a drawing from spilled ink. To create a textured background, she put down a base layer of ink using a paint brush and then ran it under water to change the ink color.  She then added another layer, spilling ink and spreading it out with the pen. The paper was water logged and unfortunately, the ink feathered terribly. She did not like the results and decided to start again.

In the final version (seen here), Jenni used the same method of applying the base layer. This time, she allowed more dry time, leaving the paper overnight. She then added water drops and flicked the ink from a paintbrush to create the impression of stars. To create the trees and writing, she filled an ink syringe and made long lines of thick ink. Using the pen and syringe, she spread out the ink and created the tree branches.

Jenni advises that if she redid this project, she would definitely use a different type of paper. The vellum sketch paper was purchased by a big box art supply store and didn’t work for the techniques she was experimenting with. A more ink resistant paper may have been a better choice, like Rhodia or Clairefontaine. She enjoyed the springy nib on the Platinum Desk Pen and enjoyed the challenge presented by such an unique ink!

You can find the Platinum Desk Pen at for $12. Noodler’s Rome Burning is available in a 3oz bottle for $12.50 or a 2ml ink sample for $1.25.


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The Goulet Pen Company Team