Today marks the first official day of Fall, which means it’s time to announce the Fall 2015 Edison Nouveau Premiere, Midnight Thunder! The
Edison Nouveau Premiere has been one of our most popular fountain pens
at ever since we introduced it 4.5 years ago. About two
years ago, we came up with the idea to start doing seasonal Premieres,
changing color every season. We’ve had a lot of wonderful seasonal colors so far, but Midnight Thunder is one we’ve had our
eye on for some time. We’ve just been waiting for the right time to bring it out!

Midnight Thunder, aside from being a slightly ridiculous name that we all love
around the Goulet shop, is the 8th seasonal Premiere we’ve done. We’ve
been on a run of brightly colored resins, so we wanted to darken things
up a bit with this one. It’s a navy blue acrylic resin with some subtle pearlescence, with red and white striations throughout that will be unique to each pen.

How the seasonal thing works:
  • Pens will be made from now for about 3 months, or until material runs out
  • Once we hit the 3-month mark, no more will be made
  • Will switch to the Winter edition around December
  • Edison pens made in Ohio by Brian and Andrea Gray
Available stainless steel nibs are:
  • Standard International cartridge/converter pen
  • Accepts standard international short cartridge (not long ones, unfortunately! We were mistaken in the video…)
  • Converter (included)
  • Eyedropper conversion with a little silicone grease on the threads


Inks that match Midnight Thunder: 

The Edison Nouveau Premiere Midnight Thunder is available for $149 exclusively at from now until sometime around December 2015. The storm is here but not for long! Be sure to pick yours up before the sky clears.
Write On,
Brian Goulet