Hey fountain pen friends! Madigan here.

For this week’s Monday Matchup, I chose a J. Herbin Fountain pen and Diamine Chocolate Brown Cartridges. I was interested in this fountain pen because it is a new addition to our line up of awesome J. Herbin writing instruments and because I wanted to see how a cartridge only pen held up against my regular bottle filled pens. I paired it with Tomoé River paper because I thought the cream color would look nice with the Chocolate Brown ink and because ink spreads gorgeously across when a brush pen applied.

Tablets of Tomoé River come with a guide sheet (a thicker piece of
removable paper with a grid on it). Since Tomoé River is so thin, it was
easy to see the grid through the paper. This is super handy when
writing because you can make sure you are writing in a straight line
without having to draw lines on the paper. I wanted to experiment with a couple handlettering techniques and knew that this guide would be extremely helpful.

I started the piece by outlining everything in pencil, including the letters and fonts. I then took the pen and went over everything, smoothing and thickening lines as I went along. When I was satisfied with the look of the writing, I moved along to the coffee cup. I filled a brush pen with water and used that to soften lines on the cup and the saucer. Once the tip of the brush pen was brown from following these lines, I added in the coffee, going over it repeatedly to give it an ombre look.

Since I was at a good stopping point (and I was hungry!) I set it aside and went to lunch. About an hour later I returned and using a standard eraser began to erase the pencil marks. To my dismay, the ink smeared! Perhaps I should have left the ink to dry even longer, or the Tomoé
River and Diamine Chocolate Brown ink were not the best combination for
this type of project. If you are going to try something like this at
home, just be aware that you’ll want to wait over an hour before trying
any erasing!

I’m a huge fan of this ink! I liked the deep brown hue and it was the perfect choice for creating a cup of coffee.  However, the nib on this pen was a bit scratchy. I think if I were purchase it, I’d probably pick up an Edison #5 nib replacement or take some micro-mesh to it to smooth it out.  The flow was really nice and I liked the look of it with the cartridge inside!

I’d love to hear what you think about this pen and ink combination! Would you like to give it a try?


Write on,