Hey there, Monday Matchup fans! It’s Jenni, Goulet’s videographer here. For this week’s Monday Matchup, I paired an Edison Nouveau Premiere Summer Edition Fireball 1.1 nib with J. Herbin Rouge Caroubier ink. As a videographer, I’m a huge movie buff and love vintage films. One of my all time favorites is The Red Balloon, a short French film released in 1956 about a boy and his pet red balloon. The final scene of the film has the boy taking a balloon ride carried by all of the balloons throughout the town. I thought this combination of pen and ink was perfect to recreate that iconic scene.

I chose to do this work on Clairefontaine paper because I know it is ink resistant and wanted to use some ink wash techniques on the balloons. I wanted to make the balloons dynamic and include shades from bright red to light pink. However, I found that this ink dries incredibly fast! I couldn’t get the depth of color variation from using the pen and then going over it with a brush pen filled with water. I decided to take three different brush pens to try to get color variation by using a different amount of ink in each. I kept one filled with water, another filled entirely with ink, and the last one was filled with water but I dipped the tip of the pen in the cap of the ink to get just a small amount of ink. I was able to get better color variation using this technique, but I still found that the ink was still drying faster than I could work.

After I was done with the inside of the balloons, I outlined them with the pen, adding in the strings, the swing, and the little boy. I found that I had to write slowly to avoid skipping- something I attribute to the dry ink and the fact that I was using a 1.1 nib which requires a heavy flow. The down strokes of my writing were particularly dry, so I made sure to take extra care with those.

If I were to do this again, I’d probably choose a wetter ink. The fast dry time would make it ideal for left-handed writers or fast note taking, but it was really difficult to use as an ink wash. I’d also try to get more variation in the balloons and rethink the word placement.

I did like the pink to red variation of the ink and loved the look and feel of the Fireball!

You can find the Edison Nouveau Premiere Fireball for a limited time a Gouletpens.com for $149. J. Herbin Rouge Caroubier is available in a 30ml bottle for $11 or in a 2ml ink sample for $1.25.

What do you think of this pen and ink combination? Do you have a favorite wet red ink?

Write on,