Hey there fountain pen friends! Madigan here. I chose this week’s Monday Matchup of a Monteverde Limonada fountain pen in Roma Gold and Diamine 1864 Blue Black. I went with this pen because I  liked the design, the color, and the fact that it came with a Medium nib. I picked the ink because I’ve grown to love blue black inks. When using them in art, you can get a surprising amount of color variation from light blue to almost black. I knew I wanted to do a super hero and moonscape, so it seemed like the perfect ink to accomplish this work.

I started out drawing my flying man, or hero, in pencil. I find drawing people a little difficult, especially faces and hands, but since I was going for a cartoon effect I thought it was a little easier. Then, I sketched out the moon and clouds. I quickly realized that my proportions were off so I erased the man and redrew him a bit bigger. Using the pen, I went over everything I’d drawn. I loved the thickness of the line the Limonada produced. However, it did have a couple of hard starts, especially when I first started using the pen. After working with it for awhile, the nib seemed to loosen up and it wrote much better.

I had my outline of each of the major parts of the work finished so it was time for the shading! I wanted to make the hero stand out by making sure he was crisp against the softened background of the moon and clouds. To add shading and soften the appearance of the moon and clouds, I took a brush pen and dabbed it in cap of the ink. I added in the lighter parts first, layering on more ink to create a textured effect. I allowed time for it to dry between each layer. To get the darkest parts, I used the pen to go over the softened outlines of the clouds and moon. Using an eraser, I got rid of the pencil marks.

I set the piece aside for awhile. When I came back to it, I wasn’t really loving it. It looked a bit blank — just not as dynamic as I’d envisioned. I decided to darken the background to make the moon and clouds stand out. I dipped the brush pen directly into the ink and soaked in some ink. I brushed the ink out in a fan around the moon. That definitely helped! I realized my poor hero was looking a little lame, so using the Limonada, I gave him some nice checkered pants. I sat back, finally satisfied with what I’d accomplished.

I love the look of this pen! I like the weight of it, the thinness of the grip section, and the sassy gold finish. On top of the look, it gave a nice thick line and fit perfectly in my small hands. The downside is that it took some breaking in and the nib isn’t swappable, which isn’t ideal for everyone. The ink performed exactly as I hoped. It had gorgeous depth of shading! I’d use it again in a heartbeat.

You can find the Monteverde Limonada Roma Gold at Gouletpens.com for $28. Diamine 1864 Blue Black comes in 40ml bottles for $15.95 or 2ml ink samples for $1.25.

Do you have a favorite blue black ink? What do you think of the Monteverde Limonada?

Write on,