Several weeks ago, the Italian fountain pen maker Omas revealed the Omas Ogiva Cocktail. Omas is celebrating their 90th anniversary this year, and as a way to kick that off they released the Ogiva Alba late last year. You may remember that, we were honored to be able to introduce it as an exclusive in the US. As Omas sometimes goes though, the Alba was a limited edition and was gone after only a few months.

As a follow up to the Alba, Omas is doing another limited edition run of the Ogiva called the Cocktail, set to release in October 2015. These pens will be identical to the Alba in design, with the fluted cotton resin in a translucent color demonstrator pen. They will be available in three colors, Bloody Mary, Blue Angel, and Vodka Lemon.

Omas Ogiva Cocktail, Bloody Mary
Omas Ogiva Cocktail, Blue Angel
Omas Ogiva Cocktail, Vodka Lemon

The gold nibs on these pens are fantastic, very soft and quite smooth. They’re going to be available in 14k extra-fine, extra flessibile (flexible, and dang is this thing soft), 14k fine extra flessibile, 18k extra-fine, 18k fine, and 18k medium. No word yet on if they’ll be doing an italic nib on this one yet. The nibs are fed by individually heat-set ebonite feeds, certainly a nice touch for a pen like this. Check out how these nibs write in this video we made previously for the Ogiva Alba (the nibs are identical on these).

You can also see some cool behind-the-scenes vids from Omas about how they do some of their manufacturing, check that out here. And see this interview I did with Luca Baglione, the Brand VP for Omas.

This video here is a quick look at this beautiful pen to be released from Omas. It will be a limited edition with only 327 pens of each color sold worldwide, so I’d expect they will not last more than a few months like the Alba did. The Ogiva Cocktails will be available at for $395, as early as the end of September, likely in early-mid October. You can sign up for the email notification list on any of the Cocktail product pages to know as soon as we have them!

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