Hi fountain pen friends! Zippy here, doing my first Monday Matchup ever. I was a little nervous but seriously excited about adding my work to this collection. I only started using fountain pens when I got the job here back in January, but since picking them up, I’ve completely fallen in love with them. I decided to join the Monday Matchup crew because I’d found that creating art with fountain pens is noticeably different from writing with them. It was an opportunity to think creatively with the pens, and I just couldn’t pass it up.

I picked this week’s matchup, the Kaweco Classic Sport Black with a Medium Nib and Private Reserve Orange Crush Cartridges, because it reminded me of Fall. Now that it’s October, orange and black seemed appropriate and a little bit spooky. I was inspired by the Autumn theme and the fact that it’s finally cooling down here in Ashland. I’m a musician, and with the cool weather there comes a lot of outdoor practice sessions. I love sitting outside with my guitar feeling the breeze and watching the leaves fall. I decided to try to capture that feeling in this work.

To start, I outlined the whole thing in pencil, starting with the guitar and then moving on to the words. I then took the pen and went over the outline. I liked the thickness of the line that the Medium nib provided, but I was expecting a lot more shading given the reputation of this ink. Next, I took a brush pen filled with water and tried to use a nib brushing method I’d used on other pens. It usually gives me enough ink to provide good shading, however, it didn’t work well with this particular pen and ink combo. I got a little frustrated and tried a different method.

I opened up the pen and unlocked the cartridge. I dipped the tip of the brush pen directly into the open end of the cartridge, getting a lot of ink on it. This gave me the really strong shade of orange that you see on the outside of the guitar. I applied more water and used less ink as I moved in, to give the guitar dynamic shading. I tried to leave the guitar strings solid, but found that the ink is incredible water soluble. Even when I barely touched the brush pen to it, it smeared!

In the end, I loved working with this pen and ink! The pen was really smooth and I liked the size. It’s a small pen so I felt like I had a lot of flexibility and control when writing and creating the art. The ink was such a vibrant shade of orange! I was expecting a bit more shading, so if I were to do this work again I would probably try a bigger nib size so that would show more shading.


I’d recommend this pen to anyone who likes to write on the fly. It’s
the perfect pocket or purse pen and is great for fast writing. The
cartridges are super convenient as well.

You can find the Kaweco Classic Sport Black at Gouletpens.com for $25-$27. Private Reserve Orange Crush is available in ink cartridges for $5.60, 66ml bottles for $11, or 2ml ink samples for $1.25.

Write on,