Hey there, Monday Matchup fans! It’s Jenni, Goulet’s videographer here. This week I matched a Jinhao 159 Green with Diamine Silver Fox. I really wanted to try the new green Jinhao 159 (such awesome new colors!) but I couldn’t find a green ink that matched the bright shade of the pen. I decided to match the ink to the trim on the pen, hence Silver Fox. The ink came out a little darker than I anticipated, but I loved it so it was all OK.

I was inspired by the shade of the ink. The grey reminded me of graphite, like what you would find in a #2 pencil. I thought about the types of drawings that use clear straight lines and decided to try a technical drawing – something drastically different from the ink-washed work I usually do. I wanted to do a geometrical design with structured straight and patterned lines so I found a ruler and got to work.

I first drew the outline of the bird with an actual pencil, leaving the inside blank. Using a ruler, I went over the outline, straightening the lines and making them stand out more. I then proceeded to create patterns and shapes within the original outline, using lines to show contrast and weight. My hope was to make different shapes pop by using conflicting patterns to show dimension. Unfortunately, I found that working with a fountain pen and a ruler proved problematic. When moving quickly from one part to another, the ink would smear. I had to take my time and be patient, waiting for the ink to dry before applying another line. I also had to work towards myself, instead of away, to make sure I wasn’t rubbing over a line that wasn’t fully dry. Drawing in that way can be a little uncomfortable because I naturally want to draw away from myself.

I really loved working with this pen! It was pretty heavy in my hand, but I liked that. I used it un-posted however, because when posted it was really back heavy. Unfortunately, I didn’t love the nib. It was a little scratchy and almost seemed to make my writing wobbly somehow. I think the tines may have needed to be realigned.

I totally fell in love with this ink. I like writing in grey, since it’s less harsh than black. This ink had great shading depending on how much ink was applied. It went from a medium grey to a dark grey which looked fantastic. This is a solid grey ink and I’d definitely use it in other writing or art projects.

If I did this work again, I’d probably change the placement of the quote. It just didn’t turn out exactly as I’d envisioned. I’d also take more time between drawing the lines so that the ink had time to dry. That way, there wouldn’t be any smearing, although I do think the smears add a little something special to the piece. I’d also probably swap the nib for a Goulet Fine Nib. It would write smoother and lay down less ink to create a more manageable line.

I’d recommend this pen to students because of the excellent price point and because the thick grip would be great for long writing sessions. The ink could work in any number of situations, but would serve well in a professional setting. It’s not a harsh black so it’s easier on your eyes, but when applied thickly, goes down pretty dark.

You can find the Jinhao 159 Green at Gouletpens.com for $12.50. Diamine Silver Fox is available in a 40ml bottle for $15.95 or a 2ml ink sample for $1.25.

Write on,