10 Gifts For The Fountain Pen Enthusiast

The fountain pen enthusiast in your life may prove to be one of the most difficult people to shop for!  They already have quite the fountain pen and ink collection, leaving you unsure what to get them. We took the guesswork out of your shopping by hand selecting gifts sure to please the person in your life who loves all things related to fountain pens! Maybe you’ll even find something for yourself too…

1. Cleaning and Tuning Package Set- $39.90

This set makes a great gift for someone who already owns a few fountain pens. This set includes Goulet Pen Flush, Bulb syringe, Ink syringes, Silicone grease, Brass sheets, a Goulet Loupe, Micro-mesh and Mylar paper. All of these are used to keep your fountain pens in the best shape possible.

2) GPC Nib Set- $80

One thing that most fountain pen enthusiasts love about their hobby is the ability to change things up once in a while. These nibs allow you to do just that! They’re #6 size and fit in several different models of pens. The package set comes with six nibs in XF, F, M, B, 1.1, and 1.5.

3) Jinhao 159, x750- $10-12.50

The Jinhao collection is an ideal gift at a great price. They come in a handful of colors and styles, making them the perfect pen to collect. The Jinhao pens only come with medium nibs, but they accept Goulet #6 nibs that allow you to enhance and customize your writing experience.

4) Pen cases – $12-90

Do you find your friend’s fountain pens all over their desk or coffee table? A pen case is a thoughtful gift that your recipient might not have bought yet. NockVisconti, Aston, and Monteverde all offer pen cases ranging from single pen holders to cases that hold 36 pens. These make a great gift for those who consistently travel with their pens.

5) Ink Sample Vial Holder- $15

The fountain pen enthusiast in your life most likely also loves ink! Ink samples are a great way to try different brands and colors of ink, but they can be hard to store. Give the gift of organization this year with the ink sample vial holder.

6) Pilot Iroshizuku Mini Boxed Set- $32

Perfect for the person who might be picky! Giving all three of these Pilot Iroshizuku inks will surely hit the spot. This beautifully packaged set comes with three 15 ml individual bottles of Kon-Peki, Yama-Budo and Tsukushi.

7) Wax seal kit- $37.50

The fountain pen enthusiast in your life is also probably a letter writing extraordinaire. Adding a wax seal to a letter communicates an extra level of thought and care. This set comes with a J. Herbin Seal handle, a J. Herbin Seal letter and J. Herbin Supple Sealing Wax, with a choice from 10 colors. Pick up this package set for a friend and you just might start receiving more letters.

8) Lamy Gift Sets- $39.99

Lamy Gift Set

Sometimes it’s nice to pick up the prepackaged gift set. All these Lamy gift sets need is a bow!  With a variety of options available, you’re sure to find the right gift for that special someone. Pair the Lamy Al-Star with ink cartridges in one set or a Lamy Safari/Vista with a full bottle of Lamy ink & converter in another.

9) GPC Mug-On sale for $13.50

Have a Goulet Pens fan in your life? This mug is the perfect accessory for the fountain pen enthusiast to use when sitting down to write. Fill it with coffee, ink samples or use it to store pens on your desk.

10) GPC Gift Certificate- Varying Amounts

If you’re still not sure of the perfect gift, or are struggling to find something at the last minute, a Goulet Pens gift certificate will surely make the picky pen person in your life happy. Available in increments from $10- $250. The only question is, who’s the lucky recipient?

Wrap one of these gifts up with a handwritten letter and you’ll be the fountain pen enthusiast’s favorite person this holiday season! Still searching for that perfect gift? Shop our holiday gift guides here.

Have you started your holiday shopping yet?

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