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I was out of town most of this week, so I shot this week’s Q&A on November 2, a bit in advance! We’ve had some pretty epic episodes lately, so I’ll be getting back to normal with this one. I’m talking about highlighter inks, fountain pen friendly office supplies and what to do with your Kaweco Classic Sport that skips. Enjoy!

New/Upcoming Products  – (2:33)

Pens/Writing – (4:47)
1) @classicURGE – Twitter – (4:49)
Best way (pen/ink) to write on thermal paper? Do you give up and use a ballpoint?

  • Basically, give up and use something else
  • there are different types of thermal paper, some are vinyl, some paper
  • basically, none of it is really good for fountain pen ink that I’ve tried, and you’ll almost never get a choice about the type of thermal paper you get to use, it’ll depend on the device (fax, label printer, etc)
  • this goes beyond the limit of practicality for fountain pens
2) Sarah M. – Facebook – (6:38)
I dream of a pen that is a piston fill, extra fine nib, and with a cap that doesn’t screw on and round about $60 or less. Less being better. Does such a pen exist? Most of the ones I’ve seen that are close all have screw caps.
Ink – (10:51)
3) Donovan P. – Facebook – (10:53)
So I’ve been learning more about highlighter inks, and I am wondering if you can use highlighter inks in normal fountain pens just to write with, also, can you use a highlighter pen to highlight something else that was written in fountain pen ink?

  • yes and maybe
  • Highlighter inks can function in fountain pens, they’re just usually too light to really be useful to actually write words out
  • for actual highlighting, they can go in wide stub/italics (Pilot Parallel is perfect for this)
  • you can highlight over other FP writing, but you’ll want to use waterproof ink or it’ll smear (Platinum Carbon Black is great)
4) Clay Hudon – YouTube – (15:35)
I really like gray ink but a lot of gray inks are not inexpensive so i was wondering what your opinion on getting black ink and mixing it with some water?

  • You can dilute you black ink to get gray if you already have black, sure
  • try diluting it in small amounts, you can’t easily undo it!
  • gray ink isn’t any more costly than other FP ink colors, Noodler’s Lexington Gray is awesome and is really pretty affordable
5) James R. – Facebook – (18:54)
So I was wondering, if you were to take an invisible permanent ink, like Noodler’s Blue Ghost, and leave that in a celluloid pen for a while, would it stain the pen with the invisible ink and help protect against other inks from staining it? (since theoretically all the celluloid would have reacted with NBG).

  • well that’s a new question!
  • I’ve never tried this or heard of anyone trying it
  • I kinda doubt this would work quite like you’d imagine, I don’t think staining it with invisible ink would protect it
Business – (21:38)
6) @TartanHearts_ – Twitter – (21:40)
Is there a particular reason that you don’t upload videos to Facebook?

  • We have been experimenting with that more lately
  • Facebook doesn’t syndicate out to all our followers, their algorithm is such that only 3-5% of those who follow us get a notice when we post anything
  • YouTube it goes out to all our subscribers, and we have a bigger following there
  • we’ve been putting some Q&A slices and other shorter videos on FB and we’re seeing how they do
Paper – (24:28)
7) Lauren M. – Facebook – (24:29)
Any plans to carry fountain pen friendly/higher quality versions of normal office paper products such as yellow legal and letter pads, Post-It notes or 3 subject notebooks? I need the functionality of these basic office supplies but I’m having trouble finding versions nicer than the things we used in high school.

  • I totally hear ya, there isn’t a great offering of this stuff though!
  • Rhodia does have a yellow pad made of awesome Rhodia paper, it’s R19660 and we used to carry it
  • it wasn’t popular so we dropped it years ago
  • Post-it notes that are FP friendly would be cool! I don’t know of any though
  • Clairefontaine does have some variations of multi-subject notebooks, but they’re French and so they have different methods of “subjectizing” their notebooks that are different than American notebooks
  • most of these notebooks aren’t imported into the US anyway
Troubleshooting – (29:40)
8) NiKo L. Facebook – (29:43)
I seem to have magically gotten ink behind my Monteverde clear ink cartridge converter…Is it possible to clean behind the plunger without breaking it?

  • I don’t think so
  • it shouldn’t affect your pen’s performance or the ink
  • try greasing it up with a toothpic and silicone grease
  • worst case, replace it with another for $3.50
9) Jodi M. – Facebook – (33:04)
My Kaweco Classic Sport keeps skipping and starting to write midstroke. I’ve cleaned it, aligned the tines, “flossed” to separate the tines a little more and am writing correctly. Any solutions?

  • start with the basics, check the ink so makes sure the pen’s filled properly
  • clean it (you already did)
  • tines are aligned, that’s good, this would affect nib feel more than flow
  • I have definitely seen some of the broader nib Kaweco’s with Baby’s Bottom, writes smooth but skips/hard starts
  • a little micro mesh action will heal that, if you have it handy, otherwise you will likely want to exchange the pen/nib if you can
  • you could try a wetter ink if you have it, but don’t buy an ink specifically for this, get micro mesh and fix it and you can use any ink you want
QOTW: What everyday paper office supplies do you wish you could find in a more fountain pen-friendly version? – (41:29)

Thanks so much for joining me for episode 102! Be sure to catch up on any old Q&A videos you missed here.
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