Thursday Things: Crystal Clear

Sometimes simple is best. Demonstrator pens are clean, clear, and utilitarian, getting the job done while beautifully showcasing your favorite ink. Not only is it mesmerizing to see the ink swishing around inside, it’s also easy to see when your pen needs to be refilled. Try pairing your pen with a light blue ink and it’ll be nothing but blue skies.

Featured products from left to right:

Pilot Custom 74, TWSBI Diamond 580, Noodler’s Nib Creaper
J. Herbin Bleu Azur
Monteverde Artista Crystal Fountain Pen
Pilot Iroshizuku Ama-Iro (Sky Blue)
TWSBI Diamond 580 Fountain Pen
Platinum Cool Fountain Pen
Noodler’s Nib Creaper Fountain Pen
Do you have a favorite ink to put in your demonstrator pen?
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The Goulet Pen Company Team
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  • ravencomeslaughing

    I have a Nemosine Singularity I keep at work that currently has Diamine Hope Pink in it. At home, I have a TWSBI Eco that has Diamine Pumpkin in it for the fall. I like the TWSBI better.

    • Tom Johnson

      I love my Eco, a wonderful pen.

  • Tom Johnson

    You should have included a bottle of a crystal clear ink: Noodler’s Blue Ghost! I love this week’s collection, the photography is wonderful. I have four demonstrator pens. Two Vac-700’s: Platinum Pigment Blue in one and Black Swan in Australian Roses in the other. The TWSBI Eco has Emerald of Chivor; the TWSBI Mini has Diamine Ancient Copper. If you count Platinum Preppies as demonstrators (clear grip, visible ink supply), I have four with: Platinum Carbon Black, Noodler’s Heart of Darkness, and Noodler’s Blue Ghost in two Preppies. No favorite inks for them, they are changed as the urge strikes. Although I usually put inks with glitter in clear pens so I can see that the glitter is dispersed after shaking the pen to break up the settling.

    • yawningreyhound

      I just had to tell you I actually dreamed about BSAR 2 nights ago. I could not come up with the Black Swan part of the name, all night long. That one and the BS in English Roses are among my favorite colors this month! Maybe forever. How does the Eco do with the Chivor?

      • Tom Johnson

        Sorry I missed this. EOC is great in my Eco. I can see when the glitter has settled so I can shake the pen gently to disperse it while writing . Nicely wet in my 1.1mm Eco, just what you want. But, for my Christmas cards I will probably use my Vac-700 with a 1.5 Goulet nib. I can shut off the reservoir once the grip is filled so I only have to shake the ink before opening the ink flow into the grip. Plus, I love the wider nib with these inks.

        • yawningreyhound

          EOC is a good idea for Xmas, I’ve been goofing around unsatisfactorily with my reds, maybe I should go green. Good hint on the wider nib, too, to show off the sparkle. I’ve been frustrated with a Kuretake gold mica flakes that got all gloppy in the jar, so last night l mixed it up thoroughly– after storing it upside down for weeks–using a nib holder handle. Then I used a C4 calligraphy nib on black Tomoe River. Finally, I see what this was intended for. I’d been using flex steno nibs and crying. I’m such a dork sometimes.

  • Oscar Portela

    There is something disturbing in using ink of a given colour on a pen whose body doesn’t match. (Period.) That’s why I find it difficult to buy anything but demonstrators so far (I have two Preppies and three Lamy Vistas at the moment). After all, there are so many nice inks worth trying out there…

  • yawningreyhound

    I LOVE my Nib Creaper Rollerball, I have Emerald Chivor in it. I think the ink is causing blurping because of the particulates. The Herbin Stormy Grey actually clogged one Creaper. There’s a sticker right on there that says “no-no” to leave in pens, but they are so beautiful and the Nip Creaper is so reasonably priced, I decided to see what happens. Now I know. Blurps. When you least expect it.

  • FraijoManda

    So gorgeous. I’m a sucker for a demonstrator.

  • S –

    Dear Goulet Pens: please post picks/favorite inks to *use* in demonstrators that make best use of their ink-displaying super powers. Thanks! 😍