Goulet Q&A is now available as an audio podcast! Click here  for the RSS feed to use in your podcast app of choice, or click here for a direct download.This week I talk about why Noodler’s is named Noodler’s, my 10 favorite pens (of the moment!), and crossing things off my bucket list! Enjoy :)

New products: – (4:06)
Pens/Writing – (7:26)
1) Ricky J. – Facebook – (7:29)
I have many fine pens however none of them seem to give me shading unless I am using a flex pen for normal handwriting. Do you know why that is the case? I would really like to not have to write super broad (because my handwriting is small) to get the shading effect. Any suggestions? (Ink isn’t a concern because I use similar inks in both pens….one gives shading, other doesn’t)

  • shading is going to happen when there’s a lot of variation in the dye saturation, which happens when there’s a lot of ink that’s put down on the page
  • broader nibs and flex nibs just flat out put more ink down, so there’s more of a potential for shading
  • things that can help:
    • use wet writing fine nibs
    • Use flex pens
    • Use pens with gold or Palladium nibs, they’re usually wetter than steel
    • European pens are generally wetter than Japanese ones
    • use very ink resistant paper
    • use lesser saturated inks like J. Herbin, Waterman, Sheaffer, Visconti, Pelikan, Iroshizuku
    • don’t use permanent inks, as they tend to be flatter in color and more saturated
2) Lev N. -Facebook – (11:43)
What are some other pens that have interchangeable nib(not like Jinhao or noodler’s). What are some Pens that offer really EF nibs that you can special order on Gouletpens?

3) Denise K. -Facebook – (14:44)
If I wanted the smoothest nib available in an EF (or at most a F) what should I be looking at? But if I wanted to see what really smooth felt like in my preferred line width, what should be on my wishlist? (I already have such pens as Lamy Safari EF, TWSBI 580AL EF, and Pilot Metropolitan F)

  • Japanese nibs are generally finer, yes
  • Pilot makes great fine nibs, I love the Custom 74, Custom 823, Vanishing Point, E95s, Stargazer, and Justus 95
  • Pilot makes EF nibs in a few pen models, they’re REALLY fine but you sacrifice some smoothness to get that
  • Platinum Preppy EF is remarkably smooth for how fine it is
  • Faber Castell EF is actually pretty great!
Business – (16:30)
4) Donovan P. -Facebook – (16:33)
Would you by any chance be privy to why Nathan named his company Noodler’s?

  • Noodler’s says on their site: “The ink with the catfish on the label symbolizes a southern sport that attempts to equalize the struggle between man and animal in the quest for a sense of fair play — and thus a fair price.”
  • Noodling is bare-handing fishing (for catfish, usually flatheads) by swimming down and sticking your hand into catfish holes, letting them bite your hand, and then pulling them up to the surface
  • It can be rather dangerous, as the fish weigh around 40lbs and there can be other creatures down in their holes like snapping turtles, snakes, muskrats, and beavers
  • Nathan Tardif is a noodler himself so I hear, and it fits his personality style and brand of Noodler’s as the economical, hands-on business owner that he is
Personal – (19:34)
5) Oliver M. -Facebook – (19:37)
Has Brian considered getting a fountain pen tattoo ? Could be cool in blue…

  • I’ve personally never had an interest in getting a tattoo, honestly
  • If I did, I’m pretty sure it would be a blue ink splatter, somewhere
  • that or some “300” style abs!
6) Adam Harris – YouTube – (21:28)
Y’all have quite a following on social media (myself included) and seem to have become celebrity/rock stars of the fp world. In your daily living out shopping, dining, airports, etc, how often do people out in public recognize y’all and introduce themselves as fans/enthusiasts?

  • not counting pen shows, I’ve only been recognized twice in public
  • once was at Best Buy, from an employee there
  • the other was when I was with my family at the Magic Kingdom in Disneyworld, FL, and someone from the Netherlands recognized me as I was taking my son into a restroom! That was weird, on many levels!
7) Jim C. -Facebook – (28:34)
What are your top ten favorite pens?

Sealing Wax – (44:27)
8) @smadayrrek –Twitter – (44:31)
Atelier Gargoyle Sealing Wax! So many to choose from will there be any package sets? I inevitably want them all.

  • not yet, but we’re working on that
  • there are a lot of colors
  • they’re very flexible, and they smell nice!
Troubleshooting – (46:38)
9) Lorinda A.-Facebook – (46:41)
I’ve been using rubbing alcohol to clean Pilot Metropolitans (Fine and Medium nibs) when stuff’s been dried in there, and as an intermediate rinse (or short soak) when I realized water wasn’t getting everything out. I had assumed it would be safer than ammonia or bleach, but this was apparently very wrong! Have I ruined our pens? Just the squishy ink well part? Is this why some of the cartridges seem to leak if I try to reuse the regular Pilot cartridge with Diamine or Iroshizuku ink?

  •  yikes! don’t use rubbing alcohol to clean pens
  • it contains acetone, which is a poisonous additive that’s added to the rubbing alcohol that’s put there thanks to legislation from the government
  • acetone melts plastic, so if you’ve been cleaning with it a lot, it could be that it’s melted your pen, basically
  • ammonia is safer, this is an element to Goulet Pen Flush and it’s been used for cleaning vintage pens for decades
10) @Jon_Mayhem – Twitter – (52:26)
When you clean your fountain pens do you clean the inside of the cap ? honestly, I always forget to do mine …….

  • If it needs it, yes
  • If you’re getting ink on the grip after capping it, or you can see ink in the cap (demonstrator)
  • I will sometimes use a wet q-tip, other times just water and a vigorous shake
  • sometimes ink gets behind the cap insert in a demonstrator pen, and that’s annoying
  • disassemble if you can, otherwise you might just have to live with it
11) @JMAuty- Twitter – (55:38)
How do you reset a used nib? if you buy an old pen – they say nibs change to the writer, true?

  • Ah yes, the idea of a nib forming to an individual writer…it’s mostly overblown
  • Some people take it as far as to say that if you loan a person your pen even to sign their name, they can ruin the personal adjustment it’s made to you
  • well, if it’s that easy to change, it’d be just as easy to change back!
  • this isn’t true unless there’s abuse
  • Where there is truth to nibs fitting a writer deal with wear over time
  • someone who holds the pen at certain angle and writes for years and years could wear away a spot flatter on the nib tip
  • regrinding would be the solution, unless you have the exact same angle
QOTW: What is the most recent thing you’ve crossed off your bucket list? – (1:00:08)
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