Product Updates: Discontinued Stuff

Hey everyone!

As much as we love talking about exciting new product releases, sometimes we have sad news to share about discontinued products. Here’s a quick round up of some discontinued products (most by the manufacturer).

Edison Collier in Silver Marble

We only have a few left, and then this Silver Marble color is gone! Fortunately, a new Collier color should be coming in the near future. No word on what it will look like yet. :)

Product Updates: Discontinued Stuff

Noodler’s Konrads in colors

Nathan Tardif at Noodler’s has been working hard to improve the Konrad flex pen design, which is why it’s been out of stock for so long. While we do still have the Clear version in stock, the other colors are essentially discontinued. Once the redesign is complete, we’ll see some brand new colors coming in 2016. The acrylic and the ebonite versions are still available sporadically in limited runs.

Product Updates: Discontinued Stuff

TWSBI 580AL in Blue

was only released a few weeks ago, but unfortunately the TWSBI 580AL in Blue is already
discontinued. We do still have some
available in Extra-Fine, Fine, Medium, and Broad. A new 580AL color will likely follow sometime in 2016.

Product Updates: Discontinued Stuff

TWSBI 580 in Black with Rose Gold

We’ve been out of this for a few months now, and we confirm it’s not coming back. It looks like TWSBI does still have a few in Extra-Fine on their website if you want to buy direct before they’re all gone.

Product Updates: Discontinued Stuff

Visconti Rembrandt in Purple

This was a special edition run, and it’s come to an end. We have very limited quantities left of the purple Visconti Rembrandt in Fine (the medium is already gone). I do have good news – you’ll see another Rembrandt color next year, as well as a new purple Visconti pen from us in early 2016.

Product Updates: Discontinued Stuff

2016 Planners

It happens every year. Planner manufacturers only produce a certain number (as planners literally have an expiration date), and we’re starting to run out of 2016 dated planners from Leuchtturm1917 and Rhodia. So get on it!

Product Updates: Discontinued Stuff

That’s all for now. There are a few other products that we’re choosing to close out (like select pen models in broad or the Pilot G2 multi-packs), and I’m sure we’ll have more announcements next year as our manufacturers bring in new colors and product lines. We’ll keep you posted!

Which of these products are you going to miss the most? What would you like to see in 2016?

Write On,
Rachel Goulet