Visconti has been coming out with all kinds of new pens these last few months, and this one is surely one to raise some eyebrows. The Visconti Art of Writing Set is a collection of 5 different nib/tips on two different pens. With such a great variety of nib choices, this pen set provides something for whatever style of writing you plan to do. The smaller pen body differentiates this set from most of their other offerings- this is going to be a very desirable set for those of you out there with smaller hands. It’s also a relatively affordable introduction to the Italian luxury brand.

Slightly translucent, pearlescent acrylic resin colors/finishes available :

  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Variegated Green
Visconti Art of Writing Set: Quick Look

In hand:

  • Small pen, Van Gogh Midi (discontinued)
  • Extra glass holder
  • Slick metal grip, contoured
  • Threads are noticeable but not bothersome


  • 19g for the pen
  • 13g for glass holder


  • Unposted- front heavy
  • Posted is well-balanced

Nib Options:

  • Stainless steel nibs
  • EF flexible
    • Pretty stiff, takes concerted effort, but gives line variation
    • Pretty good when unflexed
  • 1.5mm stub
    • Very smooth, pleasant
  • Eco roller (refillable rollerball)
    • 0.7mm or thereabouts
  • 0.7mm gel rollerball refill
    • 1930’s German glass dip nib
    • Very fine and lasts a long time on each dip
Visconti Art of Writing Set: Quick Look


Visconti Art of Writing Set: Quick Look


  • Screw-cap, push to post
    • Unscrews in one turn
  • Decorative centerband
  • Spring clip
  • Name on front

Filling Mechanism:

  • Cartridge only- standard international
  • Can fit a Monteverde Mini converter (not included)
  • Visconti AA38M Gel Ballpoint 0.7 (Parker-style)
  • Glass pen- dip, requires bottled ink


  • $275 MSRP
Visconti Art of Writing Set: Quick Look


All things considered, I have to say I’m pretty impressed with the way all of these different nibs write. The EF is pretty scratchy when flexed, but other than that, everything is a smooth, flowing experience. These sets are limited and won’t be around for too long, so if you’re interested at all, I would bump it up near the top of your “must have” list. We didn’t get a ton of them and they’re pretty awesome.
Write On,
Brian Goulet