Goulet Q&A is now available as an audio podcast! Click here  for the RSS feed to use in your podcast app of choice, or click here for a direct download.In this week’s Q&A, I discuss various flex nibs, thickening ink, and which pens I love but never talk about!

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Pens/Writing – (4:21)
1) @wmchamberlain- Twitter – (4:25) 
Which pens are worth paying $100+ for the gold nib (or other premium nib material) upgrade and which aren’t?
  • there are really only a few pens that even have this option
  • Edison, Lamy (on the Studio), Platinum, and there are probably others out there
  • for most people, it’s not worth it
  • gold nibs are generally softer, springier, and feel smoother (though that’s not always true)
  • the difference is often not great enough to justify the cost of almost another full pen, but it is for some which is why we have the option
  • if you have to ask, it isn’t worth it to you ;)
2) Evan Lachman- YouTube – (13:29)
How does the pilot vp fine compare to the metropolitan fine? Is the metro. a little finer? i want something a little less fine than the metro. but not sure i want the medium.
  • the Metro F is a little finer
  • check it out in the Nib Nook
  • the medium will be a big jump, especially on the Vanishing Point
  • EF and F Pilot nibs tend to be really fine, mediums are more like European nibs, and broad nibs are as broad or broader than Europeans
  • it sounds like the fine might just be perfect for you
3) Donovan P.- Facebook – (19:04)
Can I put a noodlers flex nib in a Jinhao 159?
  • not well
  • they’re both #6 size nibs, though the thickness of the nib itself appears to be different
  • Even if you get it in there, the curvature is different and you’ll have to force it in, and the feed can’t quite keep up
  • I’ve known people that have done it, but more that haven’t had it go well
  • it’s not really a huge risk, if you’re curious it might be worth experimenting for you
4) Collin T.- Facebook – (23:16)
I’ve noticed Brian goes over the standard pens (Ahab, Pilot Falcon, Ogiva SEF, etc.) when asked about flex nibs, but why no videos/information about the Custom 912 with FA flex nib, since that’s a full flex nib rather than a soft nib with a bit of give?
  • I don’t really consider it a full flex nib
  • It’s a soft nib, just like the Pilot Falcon
  • I think I get what you’re saying though, it’s intentionally flexy vs. just kind of “springy” (the word I use for most gold nibs)
  • it’s a quirky nib, and I personally don’t like it! It just doesn’t suit my writing style
  • It has to be high and work with short strokes, I’m the opposite of that when I write
5) Ethan B.- Facebook – (28:52)
I am still relatively new to fountain pens, but I have a cleaning Question. The Water at my house is Well water, and has a higher mineral content than most city waters. Is it still okay to clean and flush my pens out with my rust filled water, or should I buy water to specifically clean them?
  • In general, it’s always safest to use distilled water (no mineral content)
  • I have well water in my house and use it all the time with no problem
  • well water varies a LOT even in very small regions, though
  • if you know your water has a lot of minerals, I’d at least use a Brita or something, if not distilled water
  • can you use your well water? Sure, probably for a while without issue, but it won’t be ‘best’ for your pens over the long haul
Ink – (32:31)6) Mark C.- Facebook- (32:32)
I enjoy testing ink samples with my glass fountain pen. I understand, even though I have never used them, calligraphy inks are best used with dip pens because they are acrylic based ergo not as runny as fountain pen ink . With a larger variety of fountain pen inks over calligraphy inks my question is: is there a way to possibly “thicken” fountain pen ink? The wetter fountain pen inks lay down such a heavy line at first it would be nice to have a more even line. Thank you.

  • I’m sure there’s some kind of way, though I don’t know what that is
  • there isn’t much of a need for it, because calligraphy inks are often cheaper than fountain pen inks, even
  • Noodler’s X-feather is the go-to fountain pen ink for calligraphers
Personal – (35:56)7) @smadayrrek- Twitter – (35:59)
What was one mistake you made getting into FP’s that you want all newbies to be aware of?

  • I really only uses 1.1mm nibs for a long time, I ignored smaller nibs
  • really only in the last year have I grown to really appreciate finer nibs
  • I would have experimented more, getting different nib sizes as I tested things out
8) Jim C.- Facebook – (44:06)
Two weeks ago you got a question about your top 10 favorite pens but what are some pens you love but never talk about?
Business – (51:46)9) @sofialee819- Twitter – (51:53) 
Is there a gift wrap option when purchasing from Goulet Pens?

  • no, and we’ve never really done it.
  • the way we pack things would make it really hard
  • does anyone really want that? And at what cost (it would cost more)?
Troubleshooting – (54:10)

10) Connor Adlam- YouTube – (54:13) 
Hi Brian, how would you suggest maintaining my Visconti Homo Sapiens? Do I need to send it somewhere or can I do it myself? I clean it regularly but I am concerned about the lubrication. Are noodlers eel inks a substitute for lubrication?
  • no need to send it anywhere unless there’s a malfunction
  • lubrication matters more on the midi (piston) than the larger size (vacuum)
  • Coles of London handles repairs/warranty
  • Eel inks would help with lubrication, yes
QOTW: What are the pens you really enjoy but haven’t really given any love to recently? – (57:52)
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