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This week I talk about affordable stub nibs, my favorite demonstrator pens, and the most tragic pen dropping story I’ve had!
New/Upcoming Products – (1:39)



Pens/Writing – (5:21)
Ryan U.- Facebook – (5:24)
In a past Q&A, you talked about using italic/broad nibs when you first got into fountain pens, and it made your handwriting look decent. I’ve never had an italic nib, but would like to try one. Could you recommend one around $100 or less? I’ve got a TWSBI 580 and pilot VP from you, so I’m also open to just getting a replacement nib for theses. Also thanks for the free shipping to military members overseas.
Nicky.- Email – (10:32)
Thanks for the great videos about the 2 new Karas Kustoms pens. They definitely look like a good unique addition to Goulet Pens, and I especially like the addition of a new, small American manufacturer. You compared these pens to some Kaweco pens, but can you please tell us how they compare to the Lamy Al-Star and Studio, Monteverde Invincia, and Faber-Castel Loom? How does the weight, durability, grip, and writing experiences compare? I think it would be helpful to compare those other popular all or mostly metal pens to the Karas Kustoms line.
  • Al-Star, lighter and thinner grip, more nib options, somewhat similar contemporary design, snap cap is nice, lower price
  • Studio, much more corporate looking, slick tapered grip, fewer color choices, snap cap is nice
  • Invincia, fatter than Fountain K, more polished look to them, more embellishments
  • Loom, finer EF nib, more polished look, snap cap is nice, much cheaper

Connor C.- Facebook – (17:41)
I am a student Pilot and typically use the fisher space pen in the cockpit, mostly because of the durability and reliability, are there any fountain pens that are made for pilots or would be better? thoughts on the Kaweco sport for this use? Thanks for the videos and entertainment.
  • Biggest issue will be ink spatter, on ascent (just don’t write while you’re taking off if you can help it)
  • cartridge pens are way better in this regard
  • Kaweco would definitely be an option
  • Platinum Preppy I’ve heard works well
@physicsvalkyria- Twitter – (20:19)
What are your favorite demonstrator pens?
Ericsson T.- Facebook – (22:27)
I’m anticipating working in some more rugged settings, be it a foundry, construction sites, or machine shops. I always carry a fountain pen with me even if I don’t anticipate using it. I already plan to get a Karas Kustom Fountain K, but I wonder if there might be more affordable options, particularly those that might come with a fine or extra fine nib.
  • Karas Kustoms will definitely be the most durable option I have
  • Nothing as durable will cost less, but some will come close
  • Pilot Metropolitan
  • Jinhao
  • Lamy Safari (plastic, but durable)
  • Faber Castell Loom
Ink – (25:10)William S.- Facebook – (25:14)
What inks glow in the dark, I can’t seem to think of any or find any. I find some that require a black light, but none that just glow when you turn the lights off it seems. Any ideas?

  • The only fountain pen inks that glow in the dark require a blacklight (Noodler’s Blue Ghost, for example)
  • The only inks I’ve seen that truly glow in the dark are pigmented calligraphy inks, J. Herbin used to have one
Paper – (28:56)Ty W.- Facebook – (28:58)
I love cream/ivory color paper instead of white. I love the dot set up. Is there a staple bound notebook that has ivory colored paper, or just white? I’d even compromise on dots for regular lined.

  • you’re asking for something I don’t have! mostly….
  • the only staple bound non-white notebook I have is Rhodia Premium, and only in lined
  • There is Midori refills, in lined
  • There is an off-white dot grid in Leuchtturm journals, but they’re not stapled…
Business – (31:04)Sam F.- Facebook – (31:06)
Have you guys heard anything about the rumored Visconti Homo Sapiens Dark Age? Dan Smith shared a picture of it, and it’s got me drooling.

  • You bet! It’s public knowledge at this point
  • I did get samples of each size for a couple of days, so we could photograph/video it
  • they are awesome, same price as Bronze and Steel Age
  • Black oxide trim, ruthenium nib
  • Blog post and video will be coming out monday
  • We’re told they’ll be available in March, so there’s a little bit of a wait yet
Troubleshooting – (33:19)Kate B.- Facebook – (33:25)
I’ve dropped a couple pens on sidewalks when out sketching and bent the nibs. How might I try to repair them?

  • Ouch! this is a super general answer, but basically, you can’t
  • You can sort of, with a lot of skill and practice, but generally it requires a professional and that costs as much or more than many new pens
  • The best thing is to use pens that are inexpensive or have replaceable nibs
  • Pilot Metropolitan
  • Lamy Safari
  • Kaweco Sport
QOTW: What’s your most heartbreaking pen dropping story? – (37:29)

Thanks so much for joining me this week! Stay warm all of you who are getting hit with the big snow storm! You can catch up on any old Q&A videos you missed here.
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