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We’re extremely excited to introduce a new brand to the lineup here at Goulet Pens! Karas Kustoms, named after founder Bill Karas, was founded back in 2008 in Arizona, and all of their pens and accessories continue to be machined here in the USA. What began as a Kickstarter campaign has now turned into a successful brand of durable rollerballs and fountain pens, all made of solid metal. Each pen comes in locally sourced recycled packaging, and includes cartridges and a converter.


Introducing Karas Kustoms Fountain Pens!

At Gouletpens.com we’ll be carrying their Ink Fountain Pen and the Fountain K models with corresponding grips and nibs. The Ink is the larger model fountain pen, while the Fountain K is slightly smaller in size. There are three different materials that Karas Kustoms uses – aluminum, brass and copper.

What sets these pens apart is the ability to customize your pen uniquely to you. You get to choose from 13 different colors of anodized aluminum as well as the brass and copper, 5 different grips and the nib size you prefer. The parts (pen, nib and grip) are all sold separately and you get to build your pen yourself, allowing for 600 different combinations!


Introducing Karas Kustoms Fountain Pens!

You can find Karas Kustoms pens and parts available now at Gouletpens.com. We’ll have more detailed video reviews on the Fountain K and the Ink coming later this week.

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