Introducing Rhodiarama Webnotebooks!

The Rhodia brand is widely known for their range of paper rulings and notebook sizes, all full of exceptional paper. The entire line includes notebooks that are a fountain pen fanatic’s friend, since the paper is ideal for writing in a variety of nib sizes and inks with minimal feathering or ghosting. Traditionally, their notebooks have only come in iconic black or orange. If you aren’t a particular fan of those colors, or would just like to add an extra pop to your notebook while still enjoying the paper you’ve come to love, we have just the thing! We’re excited to add the Rhodiarama webnotebook in 6 colors to, and think you’ll have no problem finding a use for these fun and functional notebooks.

The Rhodiarama webnotebook features an Italian leatherette cover allowing you the freedom to bend it as needed. It boasts 90gram lined paper making this a great option for journaling or note taking. The notebook also comes with an orange outer elastic band, an inner pocket and a ribbon bookmark. You can also see the colorful inside design that’s featured in each notebook in the photo below.

The medium webnotebook is available in the 6 colors below:

Poppy Red




You can find the Rhodiarama webnotebooks, as well as the classic Black and Orange webnotebooks  at for $19.95.

Are you a fan of Rhodia notebooks?

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  • yawningreyhound

    Total fan of Rhodia paper–I have all sizes spread around the house for easy use by anyone needing to jot something down. These are beautiful. Into the WISH LIST!

    • Hey there! I love love love the colors in these notebooks. They are so fun! Which one is your favorite?

      • yawningreyhound

        right now i’m using the little guys around the house and i’m using a larger bound one for calligraphy practice. probably the larger one is my favorite. but the little guys are very useful and affordable, too!
        oops, misread your question….I like the new purple. of course. if you look at all my orders, everything is purple…the kaweco, the tinian, the ink, the ink samples, my sweatshirt that says “You can’t buy happiness but can buy a fountain pen.”

  • yawningreyhound

    Does anyone know why Rhodia calls their books WEB? I tried to google it briefly, and I didn’t find anything except where to buy them!

    • Rusty StoneZebra

      This is what I found on Rhodia Drive when I wondered the same thing…
      Love these notebooks especially the Anise (not pictured) and Poppy colors.

      • yawningreyhound

        Excellent story. Thank you. I had thought maybe it was because the covers were strong as a web. I couldn’t guess the Web connection since it begs to written in and the Web is just the opposite.

      • That Poppy is calling out to me! Thanks for the link as well. 🙂

  • Kim

    Love Rhodia paper! Will/do these also come in dot grid?

    • Hi Kim! They are currently only offered in lined and blank, and we’re only carrying the lined at the moment. A dot grid would be awesome, wouldn’t it?

      • Kim

        That would be awesome indeed! I hope Rhodia comes out with it and that you guys will carry it! 😃