Karas Kustoms Fountain K Fountain Pen Overview

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We recently launched the Karas Kustoms Fountain K and I’m excited to get to show you more of this pen. The Fountain K is very industrial looking, and I can see it appeal to anyone who’s looking for an indestructible pen. These pens are machined here in the USA and can literally be thrown across a parking lot, or run over by a car and still write just fine. Now if you do that, just know that they may suffer a scratch or two, but they are built for durability!

The Fountain K is available in 3 different materials: aluminum, brass and copper. The brass and copper both have a bare finish, so it will be normal for them to patina over time.

Fountain K Silver Aluminum

Fountain K Brass

Fountain K Copper

There are also 13 anodized aluminum colors available in this model
making 15 choices available in total. When purchasing a Fountain K, you also get
your choice of 5 different grip colors, allowing you to customize your
pen uniquely to you! When writing, you’ll find the grip smooth on all of these colors, but not too slick. The Fountain K is smaller in size to the Ink Fountain Pen from Karas Kustoms also offered at Goulet Pens.

13 anodized Aluminum colors available
The pens range in weight depending on the material you go with. The Copper pen weighs in at a heavy 78g, while the aluminum weighs much less at 28g. You can find each pen’s dimensions and weight under the technical specs tab on each pen’s  product page. These fountain pens come with Bock-made German nibs, which are very well known in the fountain pen world, but do note that these nibs are not #6. You have your choice of extra-fine, fine, medium or broad. You can also purchase these nibs and grips separately if you decide to change up your writing experience.

One thing that sets these pens apart from the rest is definitely the ability to customize and literally build your own pen. Your pen body, nib and grip sections will all be sent to you separately for you to assemble yourself. Don’t worry, it’s very easy and straightforward to screw each section together. Each pen comes with 5 black cartridges and a converter, so you’ll be able to get writing right away. There’s no centerband or finial on this pen, but it does come with a stainless steel (very stiff) clip.

    We’re excited to offer the Fountain K from Karas Kustoms because it’s really unlike anything else we currently offer. You can find the Fountain K available at Gouletpens.com ranging in price from $75-$125 depending on the body and grip sections you decide on.
    What questions do you have about the Fountain K?

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