(1:16) – Materials
(2:02) – Color Options
(2:42) – Weight
(3:52) – Features
(5:17) – Nib Options
(6:14) – How It Writes
(6:58) – Additional Features
(7:51) – Filling Mechanism
(8:22) – Comparable Pens


(8:51) – Price

If you are looking for a rugged every day carry fountain pen, look no further than the Karas Kustoms Ink. Don’t be confused by the name- the Ink, is in fact, a fountain pen. It comes in 15 varieties of colors/finishes, made of 3 types of material. All feature the same utilitarian/industrial design with swappable grip sections and nib units.

This is a pen is ideal for the tinkerer, as the pen will require assembly. However, this is one of the best aspects of the pen means because it means you can create a pen totally unique to you! Additionally, since all of the Ink fountain pens are made of metal, they are almost indestructible.  Get ready to start your Ink education!

There are 15 Color/Finishes available, made of 3 different materials:

Brass and Copper are bare finish, so they will develop a nice patina over time. The
Aluminum is anodized and comes in 13 different colors including:



There are 5 different grips sections that you can swap into any of the pen bodies. They include:

Since you can mix and match different parts of this pen, the weight will vary. The Aluminum comes in at 42g with the converter while the Copper is a heavy weight, coming in at 120g. It is by far and large, the heaviest pen available at Goulet Pens. The next heaviest is the Visconti Opera Master, which is only half that weight!

This Ink fountain pen does not post and is ever so slightly back weighted. It sits down in the hand and is very firm. The grip is smooth but not too slick- although since the grip sections are made of a variety of materials, they will all feel a little bit different in your fingers. This fountain pen has a large diameter, but not quite as large as some others we carry.

All of the nibs are #6 size stainless steel Bock-made German nibs. You choose the nib unit you’d like and can purchase extra nib units to fit in you pen. The Medium nib is currently on back order but will be available in the next month. There are 4 nib sizes including:

The cap is a triple-start screw cap, meaning you can start it at a number of locations and get it to screw on tight. It does not post, so if that is something you look for in a pen, you may not enjoy the Ink. It does not have a center band or a finial. The clip made of stainless steel and very stiff. It is machine screwed into place which adds another industrial element to this awesome pen.

A Standard International converter is included with your purchase along with 5 black ink cartridges. This pen will also take a Standard International long cartridge if you so desire.

You can find the Karas Kustoms Ink Fountain Pen at Gouletpens.com for $95-175 depending on the configuration of parts. The pure Brass or Copper pens are a significant jump in price so be aware of that when putting your pen together.
What do you think of the Karas Kustoms Ink fountain pen? Do the swappable parts appeal to you?
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