Stipula Sapphron with Faber-Castell Loom Metallic Orange: Monday Matchup #77

Hi everybody! Sarah here. Brrr…. it’s cold out there! I’ve found that when the temperature dips, so can my spirits. I decided to get a hot fountain pen and ink to remind myself of warm summer days.

I knew I wanted to use a Stipula ink because I’d never used it before. Since even the
word Sapphron reminded me of warmth, it seemed like the perfect ink to choose! I picked the Faber-Castell Loom Metallic Orange because it matched the ink and because I love writing with the smooth nibs on this pen.

With this lovely warm match in hand, I started to think about what to draw. I thought about where I’d really like to be on this chilly day and landed on Florida! Beautiful, bright, sunny Florida filled with gorgeous juicy oranges. A perfect picture for this match up.

Before starting on the drawing you see in the photographs here, I did some experimenting. I drew an outline in pencil and did an ink wash overlay. When I tried to erase the pencil lines, I realized I couldn’t get them to erase completely. I decided I was going to have to try something different to make this work.

Instead of erasing after using the ink, I drew the outline and then completely erased leaving a barely visible line behind. I used this almost invisible outline as a guide. I took a brush pen filled with water, and dipped in the cap of the ink. I started with the lightest areas first, gradually adding more and more ink into the mix to get the darker shades. While setting it aside to let it dry, I accidentally brushed my inky hand on a blank area and left a sloppy smear. Gah!! I had to come up way to incorporate that into the picture or start over. I’d have to figure that out…

I wanted to finish my drawing before dealing with that, so I took the pen and outlined my oranges and leaves. I began the cross hatching but was surprised to see that the ink lines drawn by the pen were barely darker than the ink wash I’d originally laid out. I had to go over the lines several times to make them stand out.  When writing the quote, I noticed the same thing! I had to go over it twice to make it stand out against the cream colored paper in the Quo Vadis Notebook.

Everything looked great, except for that accidental smear. Looking at the piece in it’s entirety, I decided to add an identical smear on the other side. I then turned them both into leaves and drew an orange blossom. Problem solved!

If you’ve seen some of my previous Monday Matchups, you might have noticed that I’m a huge fan of the Faber-Castell Loom. This pen is a great writer and gorgeous to boot. I enjoyed the vibrancy of the ink, but I found the lightness of the hue to be a little challenging to work with. That said, it had beautiful shading and was very wet.

If I had to do this work again, I would choose to use a broad nib instead of a medium. I think that would make the ink stand out more against the page. I’m just not sure that this particular combination would be good for every day use since it is hard to read on the page.

I’d recommend this match for use in a journal or in correspondence. It’s definitely not practical for long note taking or in the work place.

Stipula Sapphron with Faber-Castell Loom Metallic Orange: Monday Matchup #77
Stipula Sapphron with Faber-Castell Loom Metallic Orange: Monday Matchup #77
Stipula Sapphron with Faber-Castell Loom Metallic Orange: Monday Matchup #77
Stipula Sapphron with Faber-Castell Loom Metallic Orange: Monday Matchup #77

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You can find the Faber-Castell Loom Metallic Orange for $40 at  Stipula Sapphron is available in a 70ml bottle for $25 or a 2ml ink sample for $1.25.

Have you ever had to make adjustments to your art work or writing because of an inky mistake?

Write on,