Looking for a stealthy pen under $100 that can go with you from home to the office? The Delta Unica in Matte Black is just that! Made in Italy of solid Italian resin, this fountain pen is accented with sleek gunmetal colored trim. The matte material will shine up with time and use, but you can take a little micro mesh to rough it back up, being careful to avoid the trim.

Goulet Pens Exclusive: The Delta Unica in Matte Black!
The Delta Unica in matte black.

At $76, this is Delta’s most affordable fountain pen! It comes with both a cartridge and a converter, and the first 200 pens will be individually numbered. More will be continue to be made without the number, meaning the first 200 are unique and limited. The Unica has a rather slim profile, making it easy to carry with you in your shirt pocket, brief case or bag. It’s quite light, weighing a total of 21 grams, about the weight of a Lamy Al-Star.

Goulet Pens Exclusive: The Delta Unica in Matte Black!
The #6 size nib is stealthed out too, available in fine or medium.

The nib on the Delta Unica is made of brushed dark steel. Available with a fine or medium #6 nib,  you can switch out your nib for a #6 Goulet nib if you’re interested in something other than fine or medium. Just remember, the warranty will be voided if you choose to go this route!

This pen is going to be fantastic for someone who likes a wet writing pen as the flow is pretty generous. You’ll feel some resistance when writing with the Unica, but you shouldn’t find it scratchy. It’s going to be well balanced both posted and unposted, and the grip is comfortable, although somewhat short.

Goulet Pens Exclusive: The Delta Unica in Matte Black!
Writing samples for the fine and medium Delta Unica.
Goulet Pens Exclusive: The Delta Unica in Matte Black!
 Love the total stealth look!

You can find the Delta Unica Matte Black
available exclusively at Gouletpens.com for $76. We expect the 200
numbered pens to move pretty quickly (and no, we cannot honor special requests for numbers), but we’ll be restocking more in the next
month or so. We also have the Unica available in fuscia and blue and you can find more information on all of the technical specs on our website.

What do you think of the Matte Black? Will you be adding one to your collection?

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The Goulet Pen Company Team