2016 Special Edition Lamy Safari Dark Lilac!

We were so excited to recently get our hands on the 2016 Special Edition Lamy Safari Dark Lilac! We’ve been hoping for sometime now that Lamy would come out with a purple Safari and they’ve exceeded our expectations with this 2016 Special Edition. It’s matte purple with a black nib and a matching black clip. We’ll have them available with extra-fine, fine and medium nibs, as well as a rollerball version. Remember you can always purchase Lamy replacemement nibs separately in a range of other sizes to change up your writing experience!

The Lamy Safari is a great first fountain pen. It’s reliable and durable making it a great choice to use as your go-to everyday carry. Brian did a Quick Look on the Safari which you can find below.

We expect the Dark Lilac fountain pen, rollerball, bottled ink and matching cartridges to arrive in mid April. Be sure to visit our website to sign up for our email notification list
and our newsletter so we can let you know when it arrives. We’re already thinking of all the ink we want to pair with it. Stay tuned for more on that!

Wondering how it compares to the Purple Lamy Al-Star? Check this out:

So, what do you think of the Dark Lilac Safari?! Will you be adding one to your collection?

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