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This week I’m talking about architect nibs, slippery grips and the strangest requests we’ve ever gotten in order comments at Goulet Pens. Enjoy!

Pens/Writing – (11:11)

1) Katie B.- Facebook – (11:29)
I also suffer from oily hand syndrome and am becoming a little frustrated with slippery grips. I’m curious as to which fountain pens would be more pleasureable to write with for those with oily hands? I hope to own a Visconti Homo Sapiens Dark Ages one day and know it would be bloody beaut’ to write with…. but until then… Any suggestions? All price range options would be great!

2) Pato W.- Facebook – (17:53)
(asked 27 questions!) Is there such thing as a fountain pen with a glow in the dark body?

  • honestly, I have never seen one!
3) Pato W.- Facebook – (19:26)
Could you please explain what an architect nib is?

  • It’s like a stub nib, but turned 90 degrees
  • broad cross-stroke, narrow down-stroke
  • no manufacturer offers them that I’m aware
  • has become more popular from a few nibmeisters recently
  • difficult and time-consuming to do

4) Magali H. -Facebook – (22:24)

How come gouletpens does not sell Caran D’Ache fountain pens? Are there any plans to do so?

  • haven’t been asked about them a lot
  • they’re very expensive, and very high quality
  • no immediate plans unless people start banging down our doors

Ink – (23:54)

5) Beth S. -Facebook – (23:54)
Are you aware of any white or light colored inks that would write on dark paper and envelopes?
  • these are where pigmented inks really need to come in
  • fountain pen/dye based inks don’t really do well on dark paper
  • the only I’ve seen is the new white De Atramentis Document Ink, but even that’s fairly milky
  • Noodler’s whiteness of the whale, an attempt at it, anyway
  • a white gel pen would work way better here
Business – (26:08)

6) Kenneth C. – Facebook – (26:17)
How much do you think it hurts your business that there are sellers in various countries that are undercutting the prices that you’re able to offer? For example, I’ve seen Japanese sellers on eBay and Amazon that are selling the VP and 3776 Century for under $100 (with shipping). Is this something that concerns you as you look to the future? Do you think that they’re significantly cutting into your sales by bypassing import/export rules? Thanks!

  • it’s definitely something that I know affects me, not sure how much though
  • it’s not just overseas, it’s domestic, too
  • there will always be someone cheaper, always
  • sometimes you have to watch out, they might be fakes, grey market (not warranted), mis-represented, used
  • it is pretty frustrating, because they’re not educating or servicing these pens at all
  • I put out good free content like this Q&A, they undercut me and take your business away, I end up losing
7) Ashley K.- Facebook – (54:28)
The more the GPC grows, which aspect of your mission of proving online business can be personal is the most challenging to maintain? Staffing, social media, video/photography, something else? Ink Drop in and of itself must be a monster now! I know I’m not the only one impressed by the caliber of work the Goulet team puts out there in every area!

  • all of it is hard!
  • The handwritten notes is really tough
  • do the math, it’s really expensive to do them, but there are so many untraceable benefits
  • staffing is super intentional, training takes a long time
  • keeping our “soul” as we grow, that is tough as we are less involved in some areas
  • social media is really tough, especially with different styles

8) Pato W.- Facebook – (1:03:34)
What’s the oddest request you guys have had in the special requests section?

  • drawing requests for sure
  • started with Reddit, drawing dinosaurs on invoices
  • request to write a note without using the letter “e”
  • specific patterns or color ratios of swirls on Noodler’s pens
  • specific flow on a pen
Troubleshooting- (01:10:36)

9) Daniel D. -Facebook – (01:10:38)
While rinsing out the cap of my Pilot Custom 823, some water got trapped behind the inner rubber seal. Because this pen is a demonstrator, you can see the water that is trapped inside the cap whenever you look at the pen. Do you know of an easy way to temporarily remove the rubber seal so that you can clean out and dry up any water (or ink) that gets trapped behind it?
  • yup! I’ll show you how


QOTW: What pen has the absolute best grip for you and why? – (01:13:05)

Thanks so much for joining me this week! Stay warm all of you who are getting hit with the big snow storm! You can catch up on any old Q&A videos you missed here.
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