Pelikan Pink Cartridges with a Monteverde Poquito Pink: Monday Matchup #81

Hi there! Thanks for checking out my Monday Matchup. Madigan here, pairing a Monteverde Poquito in Pink with Pelikan Pink Cartridges. I was recently gifted (thanks Mom!) a Midori Travelers Notebook in passport size and have been on the hunt for a great purse pen- a no hassle, small sized pen, that can easily slip into the pen holder and not take up too much space. I decided to give the Monteverde Poquito a go. This is one of the smallest pens we have in stock- just 4.4 inches when capped! I wanted to give it a test run before purchasing and thought that Monday Matchup would be the perfect place to do so.

Since it’s coming up on Valentine’s Day, I wanted to do a love inspired piece, which is why I chose the pink pen and ink. I was looking through quotes and kept coming across the old adage “There are plenty of fish in the sea”. I decided to play off that quote and draw two fish in love. I grabbed my Tomoé River tablet in white and got started!

Instead of my usual process- drawing an outline in pencil on the paper and then going over it with my fountain pen, I wanted to try something different. I love Tomoé River for its ink resistant qualities but it really holds a pencil line. Additionally, it is exceptionally thin and erasing pencil lines on it tends to wrinkle the paper and result in smearing. I wanted to avoid that whole catastrophe.

I took a Rhodia Dot Pad and drew my pencil outline of my fish, fish bowl and quote on that. Then I took the Tomoé River paper on top of that to use as tracing paper. Despite it being thin and fairly transparent, it was still difficult to see the pencil lines. I grabbed a pen I had laying around filled with black ink and went over the outline in that. I let it dry and then put the Tomoé River over it. Success! I could very clearly see the lines.

I wanted to do the shading/ink wash lines first, but since I was using a cartridge only pen, I didn’t have a bottle to dip into. Instead, I took a brush pen filled with water and brushed over the top of the nib. I very quickly got a pleasant pink tip on the brush pen. I used this to go over the inner outline of the fish. Then, I squeezed some water through the pen onto a tissue and used this much more diluted ink to draw in the water. I let it dry for awhile and then grabbed my pen.

I outlined the fish and the bowl quickly using the Poquito. I drew in the scales and textured the fish in the same way. I didn’t like how much these lines contrasted with the faded quality of the ink washing I had previously done, so I went over the most inner line to let the ink bleed more. The whole thing was looking a little plain. I decided to draw in some textured lines to the bottom of the fish bowl and add in some gravel. I also drew in a few bubbles and hearts to the fish. Finally, I wrote my quote into heart shaped center.

When working with this pen, I was initially shocked by just how small it really is. I have tiny hands, but it was difficulty to hold unposted- almost the size of a crayon but thinner. However, once posted it was very comfortable and well balanced. The nib was a bit scratchy, even on the very smooth paper.

The ink flowed smoothly and worked well in ink washing. I’m not a huge fan of the color, honestly. It’s a little too bubble gum pink for me. I like my pinks with a bit more depth, but if pink is your thing, I can see this being a great ink.

If I were to do this piece again, I might choose a deeper shade of pink. I was pretty proud of my work around for the thin paper- it worked great as tracing paper! I’d also post the pen immediately instead of using it unposted as per my usual writing habit.

This pen would work great as a spur-of-the-moment writing pen. It’s small stature and weight make it ideal for carrying in a purse or pocket. Since it’s relatively affordable, you don’t have to worry about losing or damaging it. The ink could work well for use in a planner or in art.

Pelikan Pink Cartridges with a Monteverde Poquito Pink: Monday Matchup #81
Pelikan Pink Cartridges with a Monteverde Poquito Pink: Monday Matchup #81
Pelikan Pink Cartridges with a Monteverde Poquito Pink: Monday Matchup #81
Pelikan Pink Cartridges with a Monteverde Poquito Pink: Monday Matchup #81

You can find the Monteverde Poquito Pink at for $24. Pelikan Pink Cartridges are Standard International sized and available for $3.30.

Do you like writing or drawing with pink ink? What’s your favorite pink ink?

Write on,