There is a new phenomenon happening in the planning, stationery, and fountain pen world called Bullet Journaling. Bullet journaling was created by Ryder Caroll and is a flexible system for self organization. It has spread across the stationery world and been embraced by a number of bloggers, including the subject of today’s Goulet Guests episode, Kara Benz.

In this video, Kara and I discuss bullet journaling, her blog Boho Berry, and of course, fountain pens! Here is an overview of our discussion:

  • Who are you and what is Boho Berry? – (:30)
    • When did you start? – (1:36)
  • What is bullet journaling? (2:20)
    • Why would you do this by hand? – (3:30)
  • Is there a Bullet Journaling Community? – (6:10)
  • How does someone get started?  –  (7:17)
  • What resources do you provide? – (7:50)
  • You’re very transparent about your stats and income, why? – (8:36)
  • Who is your intended audience for Boho Berry? – (11:05)
  • Do you do everything yourself or do you get help with your work?  – (12:00)
    • What is your daily schedule like? – (12:17)
  • What are the best products for getting set up? – (15:15)
  • Who do you respect/admire/follow in the community? – (16:46)
  • Is there an organization method that works best for Bullet Journaling? – (18:43)
  • How many notebooks do you have right now? – (26:57)
  • What do you see yourself doing in the future? – (27:13)
  • When did you first get into fountain pens?- (37:30)
  • What method do you use to improve your handwriting? – (38:33)
  • #RockYourHandwriting – (40:03)
  • Do you have a favorite letter that you like to write? – (41:05)
  • If you were on a desert island and only had one pen, ink, and paper, what would you choose? – (42:56)
  • Where can people find you online? – (45:48)

If you are interested in getting started in bullet journaling, we’ve put together a Bullet Journaling Starter Kit! We also have a Bullet Journaling Shopping Guide with a lot of Kara’s recommendations and some ink suggestions.

Photo credit to Boho Berry

Do you use a certain system of organization? Would you like to try Bullet Journaling?

Write on,
Brian Goulet