The last several years we’ve been asked to go to various pen shows across the US. We attend the DC show every year because it’s close to us, and we’ve never been to any other show. This year we decided to go to the 2016 Atlanta show which was from April 15-17, and we’re really glad we did.

The reason we decided to go was because of the Pen Addict 200th episode, with Myke Hurley coming over from the UK to record the podcast with Brad Dowdy of Nock Co. and Ana Reinert of The Well Appointed Desk. It’s not often we have the opportunity to hang out with our fellow fountain pen bloggers and podcasters like this, so we reached out to Brad Dowdy to see if he’d be interested in hanging out a bit. We asked about doing video interviews in the style of the Goulet Guest videos we did with Liz Steel and Kara Benz of BohoBerry, except in person instead of over Skype! Once Brad and everyone else agreed to interview, we knew we had something good going.

We were at the show for the full three days, and ended up with a lot of wonderful highlights. Here are some we got to experience:

We were booked solid for this whole weekend, and came back pretty exhausted because we wanted to spend every waking minute maximizing our time in Atlanta. In the end, it was an incredibly rewarding and fruitful trip for us, and we’re so glad we went. We’ll be sharing the video interviews we did over the next 6-8 weeks as we edit them. Thanks to all who helped us make this weekend possible, especially our videographer Jenni, who is often unseen behind the camera but is an essential part of making videos like these possible!

We’d love to hear what you think, and what your experience was like at this show (or any others you’ve been to). Leave us a comment below!

Write On,
Brian and Rachel Goulet