Hi fountain pen friends!

Just a super quick FYI for you today. Due to a recent change in Visconti’s advertised pricing policy, we have changed how our “best price” is made available on our website for our Visconti fountain pen offering. Visconti does not allow any public advertising below the full list price, but does allow us to offer you our best price through other means.

We previously had a feature where you just added the pen to your cart to see the best price. This is no longer allowed, so after some brainstorming and working with our web developers and Visconti, we came up with a new solution that we just rolled out.

Now, all you have to do is log into your gouletpens.com account on our store, and you’ll automatically see our best price. Don’t have an account? It’s free and super easy to set up – just go to our store and click “Sign Up” at the top. P.S.¬†While you’re there, consider signing up for our weekly email newsletter!

We understand this is a bit of a change from what you may be used to, so if you accidentally check out with the full list price, you can shoot us an email and we’ll adjust it for you.

If you have any questions, please post in the comments below or feel free to email us.

Write On,
Rachel Goulet