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In this episode I talk about titanium nibs, how all the exclusive Goulet inks came to be, and my next Holy Grail pen!
New/Upcoming Products – (8:53)
Pens/Writing – (11:57)
1) John G.- Facebook – (11:58)
I recently bought a mint condition Pilot M90 for a pretty steep price, and I was wondering, do you “baby” any of your one-of-a-kind or limited edition pens in any way as far as cleaning, maintenance, and choice of inks go?
  • I definitely do baby them, a lot of them I just rarely use
  • not always the case though, and I’ve been changing this recently
  • LE Viscontis I’ve been using and carrying around with me (in cases)
  • I’ll be selective about where I use them
  • it’s different for me than most, because LE pens are something really cool and special for me to pull out and use
  • I’ll stick to conventional inks, nothing permanent or extreme in properties
2) Annie L.- Facebook – (17:06)
I know you’ve mentioned that the Homo Sapiens was a Holy Grail pen for you for a long time. Now that you’ve got it, what’s your next Grail pen (both to own and to sell if they’re different). I know you’re going to be offering one of mine, the Decimo, pretty soon.
  • Decimo was a great one!
  • Pelikan m805 Vibrant Blue was a recent grail pen I’d wanted, just acquired
  • honestly, I’m incredibly spoiled! I get most of my grail pens now
  • my most exciting grail pens are ones that I am waiting to be made, like the Dark Lilac Safari
  • grail pens don’t have to be expensive, just hard to get ;)
  • my next one is the 50th anniversary Lamy 2000 coming out later this year!!
3) bsecraw- YouTube – (28:57)
I’ve heard a lot about the differences between steel and gold nibs, and I understand them pretty well in general. However, I’ve heard very little about titanium nibs. I’ve heard them mentioned and seen them offered on Karas Kustoms pens, but that’s about it. What are the advantages/disadvantages of titanium (price, performance, etc.)?
  • there aren’t a whole ton of titanium nibs out there
  • I’ve personally only used two: Stipula and Karas Kustoms
  • both write similarly, soft and flexible with good line variation, pretty toothy
  • more expensive than steel nibs, not as much as gold
  • we’re looking to add them as an option for Karas Kustoms
4) Lain Lin- YouTube – (32:21)
What’s the finest nib you have ever used? have you ever used a finer nib than the Platinum #3776 UEF?
  • Platinum UEF is definitely the finest I’ve used from the factory
  • I’ve used a custom ground Richard Binder XXXF that was finer, it was crazy
5) George Maratos- YouTube – (33:29)
Brian, I own a visconti homo sapiens florentine hills and I want to remove the nib and feed unit for cleaning (because it is waaay easier). I have heard that the unit is made of a soft plastic, so if I frequently clean the pen and remove the nib and feed should I be worried about it eventually breaking? I was considering putting some silicon grease on the threads to help it screw out easier and put less stress on the plastic, what are your thoughts on this will it help? Btw the nib unit is a Visconti 23k palladium.
  • the nib unit is removable, easiest with the tool (not available for purchase)
  • nib housing plastic is softer than the resin used in the body of the pen
  • over time, it could wear down like any plastic
  • silicone grease will help, especially to keep the o-ring from sticking
  • worst case, I bet Coles of London/Visconti will work with you on replacing the housing (not the whole nib unit, but the plastic housing) over time
6) Sergey M.- Facebook – (39:04)
I usually soak my pens in a rinse solution overnight to clean any leftover ink from the nib and section, can I do that with the Visconti HS too? Or is the hygroscopic material of the pen going to swell up or melt?!
How much water in percentage mass does the material retain in technical term?
  • this is a fair question, especially because lava rock is VERY porous
  • the Homo Sapiens is not just lava rock, but a powdered lava rock infused in resin
  • the ink inside the pen is in constant contact with the pen material
  • original version of the pen were too porous, and ink would actually seep out of the body of the pen!
  • that’s not the case now, and if you soak the pen it won’t cause the pen to swell or melt
  • the surface of the material is hygroscoping to a degree where you’ll feel it on your fingers, but not enough to soak through a pen (much like ebonite)
Ink – (41:48)
7) Robert Dasek- YouTube – (41:55)
Would you please tell us which inks are exclusive to (or stocked only by) the Goulet Pen Co. and how they came to be? That would be interesting!
  • These are all Noodler’s!
  • All our exclusives we have to buy in large quantities, that’s part of the deal
  • Noodler’s Kung Te-Cheng
    • was JetPens exclusive years ago
    • they stopped carrying the brand and we were offered the exclusive
  • Noodler’s Manjiro Nakahama Whaleman’s Sepia
    • same as Kung Te-Cheng
  • Noodler’s Blackerase/Bluerase
    • Nathan made this and brought it to the New England Pen Show in 2010 (I think), it flopped
    • He’d made a video on it because he thought it was interesting
    • He’d actually discontinued the ink
    • We saw some interest in the ink because of the video, and asked him to revive it
    • He offered it to all retailers who wanted to buy a full case of each color, we’re the only ones that took it
  • Noodler’s Upper Ganges Blue
    • Nathan had made it previously, we asked for it, he started making it for us
  • Noodler’s Russian/UK inks (no longer made)
  • Noodler’s Purple Heart
    • our first truly exclusive ink that we helped create
    • we wanted it based on George Washington, and in phone conversations we determined the Purple Heart/Badge of Military Merit theme
    • worked with Nathan on the theme and gave ideas of the color/property, he created it
    • he really did it justice with the theming
  • Noodler’s Liberty’s Elysium
    • follow-up to Purple Heart
    • my favorite color is cerulean blue
    • I really wanted a Noodler’s Blue ink, but permanent
    • matched Goulet Blue ink splatter logo
    • Nathan made it, and it was spot on in color
    • wasn’t fully bulletproof and there was some drama around that
    • reformulated after people questioned the bulletproof categorization
    • new formula was more permanent, but much flatter and boring, so we put it to a vote and everyone overwhelmingly said to go to the original formula
    • the only reformulation bottle is in my possession (and Nathan’s I’m sure!), all that have ever been sold are original formula
Personal – (54:21)
8) Matt Hill- YouTube – (54:22)
I was wondering what other, NON PEN related youtube channels do you enjoy.
QOTW: What are your favorite non-pen YouTube channels? – (59:20)

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