Celebrating Mother’s Day can get complicated as you (and your mother) get older. Celebrations that used to include breakfast-in-bed and handmade cards on construction paper become things of the past. However, the connection between you and your mother never gets old. What better way to honor her than to strike up a written correspondence?

Communication can take many forms — visits, phone calls, texts, letters. But it is this last one, handwritten letters, that can still foster a feeling of connection that surpasses space and time. Simply seeing a loved one’s scrawl across a page can give us a sense of presence, security, and even hope. Mothers also have wonderful wisdom to share, so encourage yours to write it down!

Here is a suggested list of the 5 best pens for any type of mom in your life and an amazing gift set that will be sure to please even the pickiest of mothers.
The Empty Nester
Delta Unica Fountain Pen in Fuscia is the perfect pen for this Mom with time to cultivate a new hobby. A solid and stunning writer, this beauty will be helping your mom fill up notebooks in no time. Expect some lengthy letters as well! Available in fine and medium nibs for $76.
On-the-Go Mom

The mother in your life is the minivan marathoner! She goes from school to soccer practice to ballet and back home to cook dinner. Get her the ultimate purse pen: the Kaweco Classic Sport Fountain Pen in Bordeaux. It’s small stature goes perfectly with its easy cartridge refills. It’ll go down smoother than that glass of wine at the end of a hectic day. She’s not a burgundy fan? This pen is available in six other colors for $25-$27.


Working Mom

She’s killing it at home and in the board room! The Pilot Metallic Vanishing Point Fountain Pen in Tropical Purple shows off its beauty while simultaneously broadcasting its practicability. Even Rachel Goulet, our own working mom, considers this her favorite. Available with nibs extra-fine to broad for $140.


New Mom

She’s busy with the new baby and discovering all of the joys of motherhood, from first smiles to first teeth. Help her record this special time with a Monteverde Limonada Fountain Pen in Roma Gold¬†and De Atramentis Document Ink. This ink has archival properties (it’s waterproof and won’t fade with time) so her memories will last a lifetime. The pen is available in a medium nib for $28, the ink for $18.50.

Do-It-Yourself Mom

This mom always has a to-do list a mile long. Whether she’s refinishing a table or perfecting her home-made spaghetti sauce, she loves to tinker! She can tackle her writing with gusto using a Noodler’s Ahab Flex Fountain Pen – King Philip Purple Demonstrator. Available in a flex nib for $20.

Last but certainly not least, the Lamy Al-Star & Filofax Notebook Gift Set in Purple is sure to please yours or any mom! Lamy Al-Stars are reliable writers and the Filofax’s removable pages make it ideal for organization. Whether running a business or crafting a to-do list, she’ll be filling these pages in no time.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! What pen would you want to receive?

Write on,
The Goulet Pen Company Team