You’re sitting on the Ferris wheel with the bright blue sky providing the perfect backdrop for adventure. The smell of popcorn and the sound of distant music float enticingly through the air and all around you, there are beautifully vibrant and varied colorful banners of all shapes and sizes. We’ve got carnivals and fairs on the brain in this week’s Thursday Things. Inspired by the lively colors of the new Field Notes Sweet Tooth notebooks, this week’s selection of products brings in all the colors that remind us of summer carnivals and endless sunny days.

Featured products from left to right:


Edison Nouveau Premiere Fountain Pen – Cobalt
Noodler’s Konrad Acrylic Flex Fountain Pen – Yellow Fer Delance
Monteverde Limonada Fountain Pen – Torino Red
Lamy Safari Fountain Pen – Blue 
Field Notes Spring 2016 Notebooks – Sweet Tooth
What pen or ink most reminds you of fun summer activities?

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