The day that many have been waiting for since the 2016 Special Edition Lamy Safari color was announced (maybe even before that for some purple fans out there) has finally arrived! The Lamy Safari Dark Lilac has taken the Goulet Pen Company by storm. Our website and office were a flurry with the release on Tuesday and we have channeled that excited frenzy into this week’s Thursday Things. This week’s collection is a wonderful menagerie of Lilac and Gold pens and inks that mimic the excitement we’ve all shared over this gorgeous special edition pen and ink.

Featured products clockwise:



Edison Nouveau Premiere Fountain Pen – Pearlized Purple
Karas Kustoms Ink Fountain Pen – Gold
Lamy Safari Fountain Pen – Dark Lilac
Pilot Vanishing Point Decimo Fountain Pen – Purple


What’s your go to purple or gold ink and pen pairing? 


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The Goulet Pen Company Team