Writing with a fountain pen is an enjoyable experience all on its own. But what makes for a significantly smoother writing session is using fountain pen friendly paper! It’s true, paper can make all of the difference. When you first look into fountain pen friendly paper and notebooks, it can be a bit overwhelming to understand all of the sizes and options available. Goulet Pens always lists the product dimensions and technical specs on our product pages, so you can be be informed about the products you’re interested in. But it can still be confusing to understand different product sizes that you are unfamiliar with when shopping online. We have created an easy infographic to help you understand paper and notebook sizes relative to each other, so you can compare new products to some of your trusted favorites to understand the size.


If you’re interested in any of the notebooks featured above, you can find more information on each product page at Gouletpens.com.

Do you have a favorite paper size that you prefer to use?

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