Video Outline:

  • Unboxing – (:38)
  • Filling Mechanism – (1:26)
  • Color Options – (1:39)
  • Features – (2:27)
  • Inking it – (4:46)
  • How it writes – (5:41)
  • Comparable pens – (6:56)
  • Take it or leave it – (8:42)

This fountain pen is flare and function in one affordable package! The Faber-Castell Loom offers a sleek and sophisticated look with a fun pop of color. It is a sturdy metal pen with color options for every style, from the serious and studious to the carefree and curious. Additionally, it’s one of my recommendations in the Top 7 Next Level Pens. If you are looking to up your writing game, this is the perfect pen to add to your collection. Read on to get all the details.

Faber-Castell Loom in Metallic Blue
Faber-Castell Loom in Metallic Silver
Faber-Castell Loom in Piano Plum
Faber-Castell Loom in Piano White

The Faber-Castell Loom is available in 8 total color options with two different finishes, metallic and piano. The metallic finish is a matte metal and the piano is a polished mirror-like finish. Both pens feature a texture grip section.

The Loom is available in Metallic Blue, Metallic Orange, Metallic Silver, Metallic Violet, Piano Black, Piano Lime, Piano Plum, and Piano White. These are all priced at $40 for the metallic finishes and $45 of the piano finishes. They are snap-cap, push-to-post, and have a strong, sturdy spring clip. The Looms are hefty pens, weighing in at 32g. However, they are well-balanced, both posted and unposted. The cap only constitutes 7g out the 32g weight.

Faber-Castell Loom in Metallic Orange

Nib sizes are available in extra-fine, fine, and medium (we are no longer carrying broad), all of which write really nicely. These are the exact same nibs used on the Faber-Castell Basic. The extra-fine steals the show, in my opinion. I did not expect to get such a fine line from a German nib. Typically, it’s the Japanese companies, like Pilot and Platinum, that rock the fine nibs, but Faber-Castell does a real good job with this one. The fine and medium nibs are pretty much standard European nibs though. They are wet, juicy, and smooth. Be sure to check out the Nib Nook to compare writing samples from each of the Loom nib sizes, along with every other pen we carry.

Writing samples from the Faber-Castell Loom, Extra-fine to Broad.
Faber-Castell Loom in Piano Lime is offered in the Bamboo Stationery Set.

The Loom is a cartridge/converter pen, and Faber-Castell does make their own version of the Standard International converter that is required in the Basic. I talked about this as being one of the ‘leave it’ points for the Basic, but that’s not an issue with the Loom. Of course, you can use the Loom with the Faber-Castell converter, but it’ll also fit a generic Standard International converter.

However, it doesn’t come with one. It’s $5 to add one on. If you want to use bottled ink, you might as well just factor that into the cost of the pen. I’d really love to see a converter come with the pen, but that’s not how Faber-Castell is doing it. So, really, you’re buying this pen at $45- $50 with the converter if comparing to something similar, like the Monteverde Impressa or Lamy Studio.

The Faber-Castell Loom nib is super smooth.
To summarize my thoughts on the Loom, here are my take-it-or-leave-it points:
Take it:
  • Great value, entry-level pen but sturdy enough to last years and years
  • Professional looking, but offers fun colors
  • Really fine EF nib
  • Smooth nibs overall
  • Removable nib/feed for cleaning (friction fit)
  • Feels really well built
  • Takes any standard international converter
  • Unique!
Leave it:
  • Converter not included
  • Might be too heavy for some
  • Snap-cap can be tough to remove for some folks
You can see more pics and get up-to-date specs and pricing on if you’re interested in buying one for yourself. I think it’s certainly worth checking out. What are your thoughts?Write on,
Brian Goulet