Well, hello there! Whitney here, one of Goulet Pens product photographers doing my first Monday Matchup ever. If you somehow missed it, the newest Lamy Safari Special Edition was released last week. I couldn’t wait to get my little paws on this deep purple pen and ink.

I’m not actually a huge purple fan- but there is something about this pen that speaks to me. The matte body makes it muted, dark, and tame (in a good way!). I don’t like the shiny Safaris, so had they gone that route, I don’t think this pen would have appealed to me as much. This purple is one I can get down with!

As for the inspiration for this piece, I’ve been reading The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. In the book, the song Deep Purple is a favorite of one of the main characters. I put on the version by Larry Clinton and Bea Wain and fell in love. It had the perfect tempo and feeling for this deep but soothing purple pen and ink. Seriously- give it a listen while reading this. You’ll love it!

To make this work, I started out by writing out the lyrics for the song. I have this problem of never starting a work with a pencil. I think it has something to do with going to art school. I just hate erasing pencil lines. But because of that, I ended up writing this out about twenty times just to get one that I didn’t hate. Finally satisfied, I started sketching in the flowers, adding details and line work. I grabbed my brush pen and tried to smooth out some of the lines, but the ink dissolved immediately when the water hit it. I had to use it super sparingly, settling on doing an ink wash around the main portion of the writing and drawing.

I haven’t used a Lamy Safari extensively. I have a Lamy CP1 and since the nibs are the same, I thought the experience would be as well. The grip section on the Safari actually made it easier to hold and control in my opinion. I really liked it! The ink was really great as well. I was surprised at how dark it was when writing with it. You could really get a range of colors when using it in an ink wash- it transformed from a dark purple black to an almost neon pink.

If I were to do this work again, I’d probably start out using a pencil, just so I wouldn’t have to do so many versions of it. I might also use a different sort of paper. The TomoĆ© River makes ink stand out, but it also is so water resistant that using a brush pen is difficult.

I’d recommend this pen and ink for literally anyone. It’s super accessible and easy to write with. It’d make a great starter pen for someone not currently into fountain pens since it’s a straight forward pen, has a smooth nib, and is a good size for most any hands.

You can find the Lamy Safari Dark Lilac at Gouletpens.com for $29.60. The Dark Lilac ink is currently sold out, but you can get 2ml ink samples for $1.25! We have more bottles coming in late May, so sign up for the email notification list on the product page to be informed as soon as it arrives.

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Have you tried the Dark Lilac pen and ink? What do you think of them?

Write on,