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Do you remember the cool kid in school? You know the mysterious, sunglasses sporting rebel? Meet the newest cool kid on the fountain pen playground, the Monteverde Invincia Full Blue Anodized Fountain Pen. This well dressed, stylish pen is decked out in a light blue that rivals the blue of Daniel Craig’s eyes with the sophistication his James Bond character exuded effortlessly. This elite pen is a Goulet exclusive so be sure to visit to get yours!

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As the name would suggest, the Invincia Full Blue Anodized is an all blue anodized aluminum pen. It features a black trim, clip, and nib to provide a little bit of accent to the stunning light blue pen body and cap. It can be filled via the included cartridge converter, but it also takes Standard International cartridges. It is available in Fine, Medium, and 1.1 Stub Nib options. The nibs are also swappable with other Monteverde #6 nibs.

The pen has a metal contoured grip that makes it comfortable to write with and well balanced. It’s 30.6 grams overall, as compared to the Invincia Deluxe at 46 grams and the carbon fiber bodied Invincia at 36 grams. The price is also lighter, just $68 as compared to the $80 carbon fiber models and $99 deluxe models.

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