Hey there, fountain pen friends! Lydia here, bringing you Monday Matchup #99. After going for a more classic look for my last matchup, I wanted to do something a little more bold this time around, so I went for the Lamy Vista with Diamine Red Dragon. I loved the idea of such a rich red ink in a clear pen. The color of Red Dragon also reminded me very much of a Valentine’s Day red, so I knew I wanted to do a quote about the heart and love. When I found a quote from one of my favorite TV shows, Downton Abbey, I knew it was meant to be.
I started by writing out the quote in pencil and outlining the hearts in the places I wanted them. I wanted my writing to be a little whimsical and fun so I experimented with different fonts and curving some of my text to flow in something other than a straight line. If you know anything about the Dowager Countess’ character, you know she is very straight laced, stoic, and proper and this quote reflects one of her moments of softness and compassion. I felt I should have a little fun with it to do it justice.
I then set to tracing over my pencil lines and filling in my bolded lettering. Doing it this way made it easier to make sure my writing stayed evenly spaced and in the spots I wanted it. Filling in the hearts with their various patterns was my next step. Originally, I was just filling in the shapes with the pen itself, but then, Madigan suggested I use a brush pen with some water to do an ink wash. I really liked the way that turned out on the hearts I used it for. I let it dry overnight and it looked awesome.
I really loved this pen and ink combo. The Vista is super light and feels good to write and sketch with. I loved the broad nib, it was perfect for going over my pencil lines. Seeing the ink inside the clear pen was really neat too. Red Dragon is a gorgeous ink and looks fantastic for just writing or for doing the ink wash. You can get quite a bit of variation in color. I think this would be a great pen and ink combination for letter writing or to add a little pop of color when taking notes.
The biggest stumbling block for me though was the fact that I am a lefty. This ink is rather wet and I found I smeared it or ended up with spots on my hand if I accidentally ran over parts I had already written. I ended up turning the paper a lot to write and sketch to avoid hitting fresh spots I had just done. As such, I was also a little afraid to try and erase my pencil lines for fear I would smudge the ink. I think it would be much less of an issue for a right handed person.  If I were to do this matchup again, I’d probably do much lighter pencil outlines or even just freehand my writing to avoid having to go over the same spots to hide the pencil.

You can find this pen and ink on GouletPens.com. Grab a Lamy Vista for $29.60. Diamine Red Dragon is available in a 30mL bottle for $7.50, an 80mL bottle for $14.95, or a 2mL ink sample for $1.25

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Have you ever been inspired to try an ink simply because it reminded you of a certain thing close to your heart?

Write on,