Who doesn’t dream of enjoying the summer near the water? Can’t you just feel yourself soaking up the sunshine as the waves lap against the shore? Writing with the latest Edison Nouveau Premiere fountain pen will bring all those feelings of sheer bliss washing back over you every time you write. We’re excited to introduce Neptune’s Pearl, the 11th seasonal edition of this GouletPens.com exclusive collection!

Enveloped in swirls of ocean blue and a pearly blue-grey, this slightly translucent resin pen will inspire you to churn out a hurricane of handwritten notes. This pen includes a standard international converter, and when used as an eyedropper, you can watch the sea of ink swirl in your pen as you are writing.

These pens are available in EF through 1.5mm nibs. Edison describes the steel nibs on their fantastic pens as “smooth with a hint of feedback,” or, as Brian points out while discussing them here, they are “not scratchy in any way, but just smooth with a little touch of resistance”. The Edison nibs are made by Jowo, the same company that makes our Goulet nibs. These nibs can be swapped out for any of the #6 steel Edison replacement nibs available for $25 on GouletPens.com. 18k Gold nib options are also available for $150. Check out our video on swapping Edison nibs to see a detailed tutorial on this change.

The Summer 2016 Edison Nouveau Premiere Neptune’s Pearl is available now at GouletPens.com for $149. You can find all the details and technical specs listed on our website. These pens are only available for a limited time, so once they’re gone, they’re gone for good.

Will you be adding Neptune’s Pearl to your coveted collection of writing gems?

Write on,
The Goulet Pen Company Team