This week, we have a special “Goulet Guests” to share with you in lieu of the usual Goulet Q&A. After many years of following each other, Brian had the opportunity to meet and chat with Ana Reinert of The Well Appointed Desk at the Atlanta Pen Show back in April.

In this video, Ana and Brian discuss her passion for office supplies, using paper planners, and her involvement in the Pen Addict podcast. Here’s an overview of the questions they talked about:

  • For those who aren’t aware of who you are, tell us about The Well Appointed Desk.
  • Have you always been interested in stationery and office supplies?
  • You don’t mention your full-time job too much, but can you tell us a little bit more about that?
  • What kind of pens do you find are most useful to do your work?
  • Do you think a pen can change the way you take notes at a meeting? 
  • When you’re carrying multiple pens, are they each inked up with different colors or have different nibs on them? 
  • How did you first get linked up with the Pen Addict?
  • You have certain blogs that are staples on your blog, like Fashionable Friday. Where do you get the inspiration for each of these? How about your other posts?
  • How does being left-handed affect your pen/ink choices?
  • When someone is as in to desk supplies as you, organization must be a problem. How do you keep all your supplies organized?
  • What is it about knitting and pens that overlap?
  • Do you have a planner or planning method that works best for you? 
  • With technology being what it is, especially revolving around organization, what is it about using a paper planner that’s better for you than an app or digital calendar?
  • Are you a one planner type, or having multiple planners depending on the topic?
  • With a full time job and a very active blogging schedule, not to mention moonlighting on podcasts like the Pen Addict, you must be insanely busy. How do you keep yourself on top of the social media, blogging, and your job?
  • With your ‘Link Love’ blogs, do you have a method for finding the links? Specific blogs you always check? 
  • Who are some of the other bloggers that you recommend others follow?
  • What’s the benefit of sketch noting vs regular note taking?
  • Have you found that sketch noting has increased your comprehension? 
  • What’s the best way for people to follow you?

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We’d love to hear your thoughts on the interview in the comments below! You can find past Goulet Guests interviews here.

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The Goulet Pen Company Team