Hello there, fountain pen lovers! Whitney here, bringing you my Monday Matchup of J. Herbin Rose Cyclamen and a Conklin Duragraph Cracked Ice. I’ve always wanted to try a Conklin pen and this matchup finally gave me the chance.

I like to find inspiration for my artwork in the names of the pen or ink. So since this ink carries a floral name, I knew I wanted to do a piece related to that theme. I am also fascinated by the old school botanical illustrations so I wanted to replicate that. I figured a Secret Garden quote would be a perfect compliment to that type of drawing.

To start out this project, I grabbed a pencil and lightly sketched marked out my space and planned my design and quote. I don’t normally like to use pencil because I hate erasing and the mess it leaves behind. After I got the design just right, I went over it with the pen and ink. I also wrote in the quote. Once I had the design fully outlined, I went over it with a brush pen to fill it in and spread the ink. I let that dry fully and touched up the edges with the pen again to make sure the lines were all crisp.

I liked using this pen and ink, but they are not my personal favorites. I typically write with extra fine nibs because my handwriting is so small. The Fine nib on the Conklin was just not fine enough for me. For most people, however, I think, this nib would be fine. I wanted to branch out and try new things when doing these matchups so it was a fun experience to try out the Conklin. I am not a huge fan of fluorescent bright inks and the color I achieved when I used the brush pen on this ink was especially too bright for my taste. I did appreciate that the Rose Cyclamen did not lift as much as the Dark Lilac ink I used in my last matchup though. It was a little more color fast under water.

I think this pen and ink would be good for any type of writing task. You can’t write extremely small with this pen so maybe not good for someone who takes small, detailed notes. But it would be great for journaling, letter writing, note taking in most cases, and any other writing or sketching you have. If I were to do this matchup again, I would try to find a tamer, more toned down ink to use, but it is still a pretty ink.

You can find the Conklin Duragraph Cracked Ice for $44 at GouletPens.com. J. Herbin Rose Cyclamen is available in a 30ml bottle for $11 or a 2ml ink sample for $1.40.
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Have you ever tried an ink that you ultimately found too bright for your taste?

Write on,