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In this episode, I talk about the best inks to intentionally stain your pen, getting rid of the sheen in your ink, and my secret plans for new limited edition pens coming out.

New/Upcoming Products – (1:02)

Pens/Writing – (7:25)

1) thisbeforks- Instagram – (7:26)
Is it safe to use a gold nib as a flex pen? I notice that you mention the flexibility of gold nibs in your pen reviews, but I’ve been cautious about whether I can use a gold nibbed pen, like a Visconti Homo Sapiens or Pilot Vanishing Point as a flex pen without damaging the expensive nib.

  • it really depends on the nib
  • generally speaking no, just because a nib is gold does not mean you should flex it, any more than you should flex a steel nib just because it’s steel
  • Visconti aren’t even gold, they’re palladium (similar though), and they had issues when they first came out with those nibs because everyone was springing them!
  • and the VP definitely isn’t flexible because it’s so small
  • some gold nibs have added flex, or are advertised as “soft”
  • few modern gold nibs are truly flexible, and even if they are you can spring them
  • only flex it if it’s advertised as such, and even then do so carefully and at your own risk!

2) Brandon D.- Facebook – (13:47)
I have a Franklin Christoph pen in the ice finish (it’s a translucent demonstrator). I have given up on trying to get the ink stains out of the material and started to like them. My question is how would I go about intentionally staining my pen a color with full knowledge that there is no going back? I have thought about soaking the pen in baystate blue but wanted some advice first.

3) Jacob Drosdick- YouTube – (18:16)
What are the advantages and/or disadvantages of using a #6 nib vs a #5 nib vs a #4 nib etc?

  • it’s just a matter of size
  • #6 is the biggest, and has a lot of available replacement nib options which is why it’s ideal
  • #5 is generally easier to fit inside a cap, so the pen doesn’t need to be as large
  • #4 isn’t very popular generally

4) Andy P.- Email – (21:53)
When looking at different pens that use the same brand of nib, how does the nib to paper writing experience compare? I understand that there is more to the overall writing experience than just the nib. Pen weight, pen feel, etc all play in. But if I am comparing say, an Edison pen to a Noodler’s pen with a Goulet nib, will they feel the same on the paper, or does the feed add to the nib to paper writing experience?

  • the exact same nib in different pens can definitely feel different because of the weight, size, etc
  • I think the biggest factor will be the feed, especially on a pen like the Noodler’s because it has such a wet flow

5) Andy P.- Email – (26:28)
Also, do manufacturers that buy Bock or Jowo nibs also get their feeds from these companies, or do they design their own feeds?

  • it depends, a bit of both
  • typically companies that make their own nibs also make their own feeds
  • some companies, especially smaller ones, will but the nib/feed/housing all together because it’s just easier that way and it’s usually a pretty good fit
  • Edison, Bexley, Franklin-Christoph, Karas Kustoms, Tactile Turn, all use a nib housing bought from the nib maker
  • Other companies that are larger may mix it up, do some that way or have their own feeds
  • TWSBI does their own feed but uses Jowo nibs
  • it depends on the design of the pen and if the grip is made to accommodate the “stock” nib housing

Ink – (32:08)

6) Brandon L.- Facebook – (32:12)
Iroshizuku Asa-Gao is my favorite blue ink. But I hate the red sheen in blue ink. Is there any way I can somehow separate the sheen from the ink, so I have a “sheenless” Asa-Gao?

7) n550550- Instagram – (35:38)
The super saturated and punchy inks like Diamine red dragon and majestic blue are my favourites. Which Blueblack, Brown and Burgundy inks do you consider to be in the similar league??

Business – (39:35)

8) Dylon K.- Facebook – (39:40)
Are Mondays busier for the Goulet team with all of the orders that build up over the weekend? Or is it more or less a normal day? What day would you say is your busiest workday of the week?

  • Mondays are busier for most of our team, yes
  • we’re completely closed on the weekends, our team works their tails off during the week and we really value family time
  • really, every day is busy, and a lot depends on new products and restocking of stuff we’ve been out of for a while
  • Mondays are busy catching up from the weekend: emails, voicemails, orders, doing handwritten notes on those orders, placing purchase orders for what’s sold over the weekend, catching up on social media, you name it
  • newsletter days are busy for us too, because it brings traffic to our site and we coincide launches and major restocks for those newsletters
  • we recently went from just wed to now tues and thu for our newsletters partly for that

9) Bruce Sinn-Brown- YouTube – (47:07)
Do you have any plans for any new Limited Edition Pens that you will help design with some of your new additions to your catalog (Visconti, Karas, Namiki, etc.)? What goes into starting something like that? I’m sure I’m not the only one who is looking forward to what else you guys will help come up with!

  • wouldn’t you like to know! ;)
  • I’m sworn to secrecy with LE pens until they’re made public, but honestly, just about everything gets leaked before I’m given the go-ahead to talk about it publicly
  • LE pens can be in development for two years ahead of when you hear about it
  • we do get some influence with certain pens, it depends on how involved it is
  • a pen like the Delta Matte Black Unica wasn’t a long lead time because it was a model they already had, and they’d experimented with the technique so they new how to do it
  • creating a whole new pen model takes a lot more time, like Visconti often does
  • we have a couple of things in the works that I’m really excited about, that will be set to come out around Oct/Nov, so be on the lookout

QOTW: What is a pen that you absolutely couldn’t stand at first, but have grown to love over time? – (59:34)

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