Here at the Goulet Pen Company, things move pretty fast. With new products hitting the scene, deadlines, and fun cultural activities, it can be difficult to keep track of what’s happening at the office, not to mention our personal lives. Technology has tried to help- and it does, to a certain extent. We’d be lost without the Outlook calendar, a Google calendar, Omnifocus, etc. But, especially with the wide range of data supporting the benefits of writing for mental retention, an old school analog system of organization is still a key part of most of our daily organizational habits.

That’s where Filofax organizers ride in to save the day. This system of organization is tried and true- it’s been helping people get organized since 1920. The benefits of the system are twofold: You can be as structured as you want with helpful inserts available from Filofax itself or countless others available on Etsy, or you can be as creative as you want, crafting your own assortment of self-made organizational tools. The ability to easily add, remove, and rearrange pages is what sets Filofax apart from other organizing systems. That is the true benefit of Filofax, it’s at the crossroads of organization and self expression.

Just like other planning systems, you can be as utilitarian or creative as you’d like. Some people use theirs as business planners, using the appointment inserts to keep track of their next client meetings. Others use their Filofax to track everything from doctor’s appointments to spending habits. How you use your organizer is up to you!

Here at Goulet Pens, we will be carrying six types of Filofax Organizers in both A5 and Personal sizes. The A5 size refers to the size of the inserts, not the size of the planner, which is slightly larger. Each comes in a range of colors, materials, and prices.

The Domino

The most economical of the Filofax options, the Domino is a playful and pretty. The plastic cover is flexible and glossy, which means it’s both comfortable to hold and easy to clean. As an added bonus, it is vegan-friendly! It comes in four varieties: Aubergine with Spots, Pine with Spots, Patent Pink, and Patent Turquoise. On the left hand side, there is a diagonal slip pocket, perfect for holding receipts or extra slips of paper. The right side has a straight vertical slip pocket with a slot for sliding in a notebook. It also has a built in elastic pen loop, perfect for your favorite fountain pen. A tight elastic band straps the organizer closed. This model would be great for college or graduate students!

For more detailed information or to purchase the Filofax Domino Organizer, go to It is offered in A5 size for $45.45 or Personal size for $32.40.

The Saffiano

The Saffiano Organizer is bright and bubbly, perfect for organizing your class projects or next sorority formal. The faux leather exterior is actually made of polyester, for an economical yet sophisticated look and easy cleaning. It comes in three fantastic colors: Aquamarine, Gold, and Raspberry. The left side of the organizer features a five card holder, a vertical slip pocket, and an elastic pen loop, perfect for your Pilot Metropolitan or Lamy Safari. Slip your notebook into the left hand side vertical pocket for easy note taking.

The Filofax Saffiano Organizer is available in both A5 ($60.75) and personal ($50.18) sizes at

The Finsbury

Bold and professional, the Finsbury Organizer is distinctive and distinguished. It’s offered in Cherry, Electric Blue, and Raspberry. The leather exterior is a textured leather, which is supple and pleasant to hold. The right side has a zip pocket and a six card holder with a vertical slip pocket, perfect for keeping track of all your business or credit cards. On the left side there is a slot to slide in a notepad and another vertical pocket. Both sides have a leather pen loop, which is quite tight. We recommend a very thin fountain pen, like a Lamy CP1 or Kaweco Liliput Fireblue for these pen loops.

The Finsbury Organizer is available at in A5 size for $102.15 or Personal size for $70.56.

The Original Patent

The Filofax Original Patent Organizer boasts a classic look perfect for the professional or creative planner. There are four bold but timeless colors available: Black, Fuchsia, Nude, and Purple. The left side of the notebook has a two pen elastic holder for slipping in your favorite Lamy Logo and TWSBI. There is also a vertical pocket and two slot cardholders. The left side has a vertical pocket and a jot pad holder, which comes with a jot pad!

The Filofax Original Patent Organizer is available in A5 for $103.50 or Personal for $87.30.

The Lockwood

The Lockwood Organizer is the professional’s perfect accessory. Offered in rich Garnet and cool Aqua, the Lockwood is made of buffalo leather which is polished smooth for a graceful look. The front cover features a slip pocket while the back cover has a zip pocket perfect for slipping in shopping lists or receipts. When you open the poppercap closure, you discover a vertical slip pocket with a six card holder on the right and a vertical slip pocket and horizontal pocket on the left. The elastic pen loop is great for holding your Lamy 2000 or Pilot E95s. The Lockwood comes with luxurious 80gsm cream paper inserts.

The Lockwood Organizer is available at in A5 size for $148.50 and personal size for $102.15.

The Malden 

The Malden is at once refined and relaxed. Made of buffalo leather, the outer covering is smooth to the touch. The expert rustic stitching stands out against the Ochre or Purple color, making it perfect for the classroom or the boardroom. The Malden closes with a popper capped leather closure and has two leather pen loops on each side, which fit only thin fountain pens, like the Lamy Logo. The 80gsm cream paper inserts hold up to fountain pen writing! The right side of the organizer features a zip pocket and a six card holder. A vertical slip pocket is ideal for slipping in spare pieces of paper. The left side features a horizontal pocket, perfect for holding a spare pad of paper.

The Malden Organizer is available at in A5 size for $148.50 or Personal size for $102.15.

The Insides

model comes with a convenient six hole binding that opens and closes
easily. The inside portion (or the guts, as they are affectionately
called) have a lot of similarities among the models with a few
exceptions. They all come with:

  • Contacts
  • Indices
  • Multi-Colored Lined Paper
  • Ruler/Page Marker
  • To-Do List
  • Top Opening Envelope
  • Transparent Flyleaf
  • Week on Two Pages Diary
  • Graph Paper
  • Lined Paper
  • Plain Paper

Domino, Saffiano, Finsbury, and Orignal Patent all have white graph,
lined, and plain paper, and a clear Ruler/Page Marker. The Lockwood and
Malden come cream paper with a slightly higher thickness (80gsm versus 70gsm) and a brown Ruler/Page Marker.

All calendars that come with the binders we have in stock will be 2017 Calendar year. You can conveniently add 2016 Date Refills by adding them in the drop down menu. While supplies last, you will get a 50% discount on the 2016 Refills!

Filofax Accessories

In addition to the Filofax Organizers, we are carrying a number of super helpful accessories. These will take your organization skills to the next level. With everything from a six hole punch to stickers to a calculator, these accessories are the perfect additions to your planning party! Learn more about how to use the Filofax Hole Punch in the video below and check out our full range of Filofax Accessories here!

Filofax Dated Refills

While the inserts that come with the models are a good jumping off point, every planner has their own method of keeping organized. We’re offering a wide range of Filofax dated refills to help keep you up to date and focused.

Peruse our wide range of Filofax Dated Refills here!

Filofax Non-Dated Organizer Refills

Not everyone needs a date- some like the freedom of lined, graph, or blank pages to write out their plans. The Filofax Non-Dated Refills make that a possibility. Offered in both A5 and Personal sizes, the To-do List and Address inserts are particularly helpful. You can get inserts in both white and cotton cream, as well as an assorted color pack.

To see our entire collection of Filofax Non-Dated Organizer Refills click here!

With so many great options, it might be hard to choose! The organization process should be enjoyable, so weigh the pros and cons of each organizer and find the one that is perfect for you. Remember- we’re always here to help. Catch us on Live Chat or leave a comment below with your questions. You can also find more information under the “Technical Specs” on each product page.

We’re curious- how do you keep your life organized? Are you fully digital or do you have a digital and analog balance?

Write on,
The Goulet Pen Company Team