Hi, everyone, Whitney here to share my latest Monday Matchup creation. I’m really excited about this week’s matchup because it’s a little out of the ordinary from what we’ve done in the past. This week, I got to use an ink sample package set and a variety of 5 Platinum Preppy fountain pens, rather than just one pen and ink. I used the Animal Menagerie ink sample set in the Platinum Preppies to create my circus train full of happy animals.

I was inspired to create this drawing after thinking about a package of animal crackers, which is what the name of the ink set reminded me of. To start, I drew a tiny train, then started to add animals to each of the cars. I had to try and find animals that were in the red or green color scheme since those were the colors I had in the set to work with, so I searched the internet to get ideas and then drew the animals as I found ones I liked. Once the train was complete, I drew the bridge underneath. The train bridge was taken loosely from a similar bridge here in Richmond. I felt like I needed a quote to finish off the piece so I looked up quotes about trains to find one that was cute, happy, and lighthearted, like the drawing.

I was excited about using these pens. They intrigue me because they are inexpensive but everyone seems to love them. These are great beginner fountain pens because they write really well and are also affordable, so there’s no pressure to be gentle and delicate with it while learning to use fountain pens. You can learn the ins and outs of writing without worrying about the cost of the pen. The shape and feel of the pen is also quite similar to a standard ballpoint pen so it’s a comfortable fit for someone used to writing with the usual everyday pens most encounter. I love very fine nibs and the fine nib on these pens is very similar to my EF Kaweco. The ink was great as well. I especially enjoyed Diamine Salamander, as it is very close to one of my favorites, Pilot Iroshizuku Chiku-rin.

The Platinum Preppy comes with a cartridge so you don’t have to worry about filling it with ink if you want to start using the pen right away. I decided to eyedropper the pens so I could use the ink samples. This was one of my first experiences eyedroppering a pen and it was very easy, all you need is some silicone grease and o-rings. To see how I did it, check out this video from Brian. These pens would be great for taking detailed notes, as the nib writes very fine and allows for compact writing. The inks in the ink sample set are subdued enough that they would make lovely note-taking inks as well.

The only thing I would change about this Monday Matchup is my choice in ink sample package. The colors in the Animal Menagerie set (Diamine Red Dragon, Diamine Safari, Diamine Salamander, Diamine Silver Fox, and Noodler’s Beaver) are very nice, but I would probably choose more vibrant colors to draw with next time. I enjoyed creating this drawing however and I’m happy with the way it turned out!

You can find the Animal Menagerie ink sample set that comes with 5 samples available at GouletPens.com for $6.89. The Platinum Preppy fountain pen is available in a variety of colors ranging in price from $3.95 – $4.98, or they are available in package sets as well.

Have you ever tried an ink sample package set from Goulet Pens?

Write on,