I’m excited to introduce a new pen model now available at GouletPens.com. This is a relaunch of the Delta Journal (that is a pen, not a notebook!) which was previously priced much higher with a Fusion nib. Now that it has a stainless steel nib, Delta’s dropped the price on it considerably. It looks a bit like a dressed up Delta Unica, and it’s good as a daily writer, especially at the office if you want something that stands out but isn’t gaudy.

The body of the pen is individually turned out of cast acrylic resin which is a durable material that has a lot of depth to it. It’ll come in 4 different colors: Matte Red, Matte Ivory, Matte Blue, and Matte Olive.

Holding it in hand, the grip is medium to thick with a slight indent on it. The threads are subtle but present and you’ll probably have at least one finger on them as they are close to the grip. The step is shallow and rounded though, so it’s comfortable even if you hold your fingers right on it. The weight comes in around 22g overall which is very similar to the Lamy Al-Star, so it’s fairly light for its size. It’s also well-balanced whether posted or unposted because it posts low on the body. Overall, it feels really good in hand.

It comes with a #6 size polished Stainless Steel nib. The flow will be fairly wet, similar to other Delta nibs, with a slightly toothy feel. You can get one with a fine or a medium nib, with both being on the broader side.

The Delta Journal comes with a threaded cap that takes just 1 full rotation to uncap, easy to do with just one twist. The clip is strong and functional with a wheel to help move over clothing. Each pen is also individually numbered. Even though it’s not a limited edition, Delta tends to do this with a lot of their higher-end pens.

It has a threaded standard international cartridge/converter, making it very secure when filling up the pen. You can do that by removing the finial without even removing the body if you want. It’ll take the standard international long cartridge, but it tends to stick a little bit in the back. Unfortunately, it cannot be eyedropper converted.

The MSRP price of the Delta Journal is $150, but you can grab one at GouletPens.com for $120. That $120 price tag puts it in a nice sweet spot helping fill a gap of pens in the $100-150 price range.

I think this could be a great pen for you if you want a handmade Italian pen that looks nice but isn’t flashy. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments below!

Write On,
Brian Goulet