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On this episode, I talk about wacky-shaped pens, the Goulet “supply closet”, and I pick a pen for every day of the week.

Pens/Writing – (1:35)

1) snorkez.brf- Instagram – (1:38)
Will slow altitude changes(mountain climbing) affect my pens? I’m going hiking soon and will be going through some drastic yet slow altitude changes, should my pens be fine?

  • the physics are the same with pressure/altitude changes whether it happens in a plane, car, or hiking
  • depending on how high you’re going might matter, planes it’s usually 6-8k ft elevation where the cabin pressurizes, so if you’re hiking that high, expect the same results as flying
  • keep the pen either full or empty, or at least nib pointed up to avoid the worst of the problems you could face
  • coming down, you don’t need to worry at all

2) journalandpen- Instagram – (6:22)
You did a segment on flying with fountain pens (did they leak, etc) but it didn’t cover writing at altitude. I’m sorry if I missed it, but if I didn’t – is it okay to write at altitude or are you more like to have ink flow problems?

  • writing at altitude should be fine, as long as the pen is equalized with the plane
  • if you have a really tightly sealed cap and the nib is down it could be an issue
  • you really just don’t want to write as you’re taking off/initial ascent

3) theguywithasuit- Instagram – (8:32)
Hi Brian, I know that there are some wacky-shaped pens out there, like the Visconti Divina Elegance Maxi with an amazing swirl pattern. I was wondering what is the most interesting pen shape you and your staff have come across? :D

  • honestly, the Visconti Divina is I think one of the most interesting pen shapes I’ve come across!
  • at least that’s my favorite, because I can appreciate what went into it

Ink – (12:32)

4) Chris P.- Facebook – (12:34)
Hi Brian, I was talking with my 9yo about Diamine Ancient Copper the other day (as one does), and he pointed out that if it was really ancient copper, it should be blue! It got me thinking: are there any copper-range (e.g., warm brown) inks that have a blue or green sheen to them, that might look a bit like actual copper patina?

  • you have a smart 9yo :)
  • I guess technically that would be correct, though it can vary in appearance
  • I’m not aware of any coppery ink that leans blue or green, though that would be really cool
  • the only way to achieve that would be pigments, I’d think, dye wouldn’t be able to do it

Personal – (15:08)

5) @marcellvs- Twitter – (15:10)
If Brian had to choose only one pen and one ink to use for each day of the week, which would be? And Rachel’s choices?

Business – (19:56)

6) yousillyllama- Instagram – (20:01)  
What does your office supply closet look like? The typical Bic pens and steno pads? Can’t be, right? Or is it Preppies and Rhodia pads, etc? Do you use a certain kind of printer paper that takes FP use better?

  • No Bics around here, that much I can say! Pilot G2‘s are our Bics
  • Our supply closet is mostly tape, staples, and random stuff like that, and it’s not even a closet it’s actually in a hallway
  • we do stock G2’s for use, but really everyone uses a lot of fountain pens as you’d imagine
  • there are a lot of ink samples, notebooks and stuff, but everyone has their own preference so they’ll either use their own personal notebooks or we’ll take some out of our inventory when the time comes
  • For printer paper, we’ve been intentional about it
  • we’ve been using HP 24lb Laserjet paper for a while, to works well and is economical enough to use in bulk

Troubleshooting – (24:50)

7) @ctrymaus- Twitter – (24:55) 
Having terrible time getting TWSBI ECO to dry out after flushing! Help!

  • You don’t need to let it dry out, honestly
  • Let me show you how anyway!

QOTW: What’s the longest you’ve ever gone between cleanings on your pen? – (28:35)

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