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In this episode, I talk about what fountain pens to get your groomsmen, how to get silicone grease out of unwanted places, and I show you my big book of ink swabs.

This week:
  • DC pen show!
  • talked with lots of great people
  • Brian and Andrea Gray of Edison pens
  • Richard Binder
  • Mike Masuyama
  • Jonathan Brooks of Carolina Pens
  • Brad Dowdy
  • Ana Rienert
  • Matt Armstrong
  • lots of our suppliers
  • tons of great customers

New/Upcoming Products – (3:24)
Pens/Writing – (5:18)
1) Pete K.- Facebook – (5:21) 
What fountain pen (or pens) would you recommend as gifts to groomsmen?
2) Christopher R.- Facebook – (9:09)
I am beginning to think that choice of ink (ie. wet vs ‘normal’ vs dry) is more significant than choice of nib (fine vs medium etc) for your writing experience re the final outcome (how your writing ‘feels’ as you do it, and how it ultimately looks on paper). Any thoughts?
  • they’re both important factors
  • I call it a trifecta: pen (nib size), ink, and paper
  • They all can vary the line width at times, for sure!
  • I actually feel that paper can be the biggest variable
  • nib size most certainly plays a huge impact
  • ink is certainly a factor, but probably the least of the trifecta, imho
3) Bill E.- Facebook – (13:15)
I’m considering, taking up journaling. I’m curious as to your journaling habits: when do you do it, what do you write about, and how long, or how much do you write?
  • I have a journal, I do it inconsistently
  • I’ve never been a lifelong journaler, even when I’ve tried it doesn’t last
  • what I have tried that’s helped the most is making it a habit
  • Essentialism by Greg McKeown, talks specifically about daily journaling as a habit
  • Cue + Routine + Reward = Habit
  • Find a cue, insert the journaling into the routine, and get the reward
4) tvwsl- Instagram – (18:16)
What is the highest gold karat used in a fp nib?
  • the highest I’m aware is 21k by Sailor
  • the higher the karat, the more pure the gold
  • more pure gold is softer, all else equal
  • However, “soft” nibs are usually 14k, because they are strong enough to hold up to modification
  • so the k count isn’t everything, just more pure gold
5) 77_ocie- Instagram – (21:44)
Could you do a side by side comparison of the Pilot Custom 74 Blue with the Platinum 3776 Chartres Blue? I’m contemating a transparent blue pen, and both have caught my eye. Size difference, weight, ink capacity, and nib characteristics would be especially helpful.
  • They’re somewhat comparable in price, size, weight, etc
  • nib feel is the biggest difference, the Pilot is smoother and softer
  • both hold ink well, the Platinum will last longer without drying out
  • I think the Chartres Blue is a more attractive Blue, but it’s less translucent
  • it’s really a matter of personal preference, both are great pens!

Ink – (25:52)

6) Daniel Cano- YouTube – (25:54)

In the owner’s manuals of fountain pens I see a recommendation of returning 6-8 drops of ink after fully inking the pen. Nevertheless, in many videos, I see that people tend not to do it. Is it necessary?
  • this is to get rid of air bubbles that can occur in filling a new pen
  • I find if you fill, flush, then fill again, it accomplishes the same thing and gets a fuller fill, so I prefer that technique

7) Jake P.- Facebook – (30:59)

Brian is it possible you can do a video, showcasing your famous book of swatches?
  • It’s a 3″ binder with baseball card holder inserts!

Business – (35:09)

8) @stitchXavi- Twitter – (35:11)

Aside from buying from you and recommending you, is there any other way your fans can help @Gouletpens?
  • what an awesome question, this just blows me away!
  • definitely supporting us by buying and spreading the good word about us helps a ton
  • leaving product reviews, that helps SO much!
  • You can upload your own pictures, rate the ink flow, nib smoothness, ease of cleaning, ink permanence, saturation, and more
  • Our team works hard and LOVES getting feedback, so writing personalized emails/letters to members of the team you’ve interacted with really fills their souls
Troubleshooting – (43:04)9) mak_wayne- Instagram – (43:06)

Is there a difference in maintaining a gold nib compared to a steel nib?
  • honestly, no not really! just clean them regularly, you don’t need to treat them differently otherwise

10) Eowyn- YouTube – (44:09)

If silicone grease has accidentally gotten to places of the pen where it doesn’t belong, like into the inside of the ink tank or the barrel, or onto the nib feed, what is the best way to clean the pen?
  • this can happen when eyedropper converting a pen
  • you really want to make sure not to use too much grease, it’s hard to clean!
  • it won’t clean easily with cleaning chemicals, it needs to be physically removed
  • you may be able to bulb syringe flush using dish detergent-heavy water
  • you’ll need to disassemble the pen as much as you can, scrub with a toothbrush/dish soap to really get it

QOTW: Do you journal on a regular basis? What do you use to do so? – (48:59)

Thanks so much for joining me this week! You can catch up on any old Q&A videos you missed here.

Write On,
Brian Goulet