Studies have shown that writing down notes and ideas is a proven way to retain information. Why not do it in style? We have cultivated pen, ink, and notebook suggestions for all lifestyles and needs. Whether you’re a professional looking for a sleek set of writing tools, a busy parent with a packed schedule to keep track of, or a lefty trying to take clean and easy notes, we’ve got the products for you!

For the Studying Student:

Class bells are ringing and you’re getting ready to hit the books. Head to class in style with an iconic fountain pen, a school appropriate ink, and a notebook that will accommodate the sea of notes you’ll be writing this semester. The TWSBI Eco ($28.99) offers a large ink capacity for lots of writing before needing to refill. Noodler’s Lexington Gray ($12.50) flows smoothly and is bulletproof, meaning it remains steadfast even through the inevitable accidental coffee or energy drink spill. The Clairefontaine Classic Wirebound notebooks ($14) offer 90 pages of fountain pen friendly paper and four cover colors for easy color coordination.

For the Busy Parent:

Being a parent on the go can be chaotic. Doctor’s appointments, soccer practices, dance recitals, who could possibly keep it all straight? Give your brain a break and consider our picks for moms and dads that need a place to organize their thoughts and notes. The Leuchtturm1917 planners ($20.95) have 7 days to a page with a lined page for notes on the opposite side. See the week at a glance on one side and write down a stray thought on the other! Rachel Goulet recommends the Pilot Varsity pens ($3.95 or as a 7-pack for $21) as the ultimate pen for parents because they’re “pre-loaded with different colors, super affordable, easy to lend to a kid if they want to try it out, and durable for throwing in a purse.”

For the Polished Professional:

Business decisions are tough, but your choice of note-taking tools for the next big meeting doesn’t have to be. Pick up the Boardroom Boss Package Set, a collection as authoritative as it is sophisticated. Customize with the sleek and sophisticated Lamy 2000- Makrolon ($159.20) in your choice of nib size and a black Leuchtturm1917 Medium A5 notebook (19.50) in your choice of Dot Grid, Lined, Blank, or Graph. This set is completed with a bottle of the fun yet professional Diamine 1864 Blue-Black ink ($15.95). Offered together as a set, at a discount for $174.90.

For the Wordsmith Writer:

To write the next great novel, you’re going to need a great pen. Start with the Platinum 3776 Century ($150-$216), a gold nib pen with styling reminiscent of vintage pens used by many great authors. The “Slip and Seal Cap Mechanism” prevents ink from drying out in between note-taking sessions. Add a Maruman Mnemosyne N199 A4 notebook- lined, a sturdy wirebound notebook with perforated pages perfect for crafting a thrilling page turner. Finish with classic Noodler’s Black ($12.50) ink for smooth, easy writing.

For the Editor Extraordinaire:

Make your mark and never miss a mistake again with Diamine Poppy Red ink ($14.95). The bright red hue highlights important notes and makes finding them again a breeze. Swap the Lamy Safari ($29.60) nib to a 1.1 or 1.5mm stub nib option ($13) and you’re ready for some bold strokes of genius anywhere on the go. Use the Rhodia no. 13 notebooks ($3.25) to write longer edits and clip them to your pages.

For the Lefties:

Love your left-handedness and never fear a smudged line again. Who likes to fight with a three ring binder or spiral binding when trying to write notes? The Rhodia no. 18 Notepad ($9) is top bound and hole punched so you can jot down your notes free from hindrances, then organize them as you wish within a binder. The fine nib on the Metropolitan ($15) writes smoothly without putting down a ton of ink and risking a total mess. Coupled with permanent Noodler’s Bernanke Blue or Black ink ($12.50), your notes will be neat and tidy.

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Write on,
The Goulet Pen Company Team